Goals? Who had goals? (2019 Review / 2020 Vision)

Good lord. It's January 2020. When did that happen?

Guys, I am so sorry I disappeared at the end of last year. Life turned up to 11, and blogging fell by the wayside as I attempted to keep up. Thankfully, it's January, my favorite time of year. This is the only time where I feel like I have actual down time and weekends. It's rejuvenating to not have a schedule booked moment by moment.

With that in mind, let's take a look back at my goals for last year and set some things to continue working towards this year. Join me?
Photos included to keep your interest.

2019 Riding/Horse Goals
1. Keep quarterly goals for Bast, and review regularly.
(3) I only did these 3 of the quarters of the year. Whoops. Sorry Q4.
2. Set aside time weekly to read through my horse training books. Get through all 3 I haven't read through yet.
(4) Got through 2 of the three.
3. Show Bast at one recognized show at First Level.
(5) Done and walked away with a 60. Probably wasn't ready, but accomplished nonetheless.
Actually we went to two recognized shows this year, with some success. I was really proud of the boy for the work he put in at shows.
4. Have Bast schooling most of Second by the end of the year.
(3) We're doing some solid shoulder in, but collection is still miles away.
5. Find a situation where both boys can truly thrive, and I can still afford to eat.
(5) I wish they could live together in the same field, but I'm amazed things worked out to get them both to the same wonderful farm this year.
They are both so happy where they are right now, and that is everything.
6. Hack Bast 3-4x monthly, with and without company.
(5) Hacking is becoming our happy place, which makes me so happy. In fact, I stopped tracking the hacks because we go so regularly.
7. Keep Pig in shape enough to be a good galloping companion for friends.
(4) He's definitely been kept moving enough for this. But his own health is starting to slow him down.
We definitely did a lot of galloping this year, though.
8. Jump Bast enough to develop his form and confidence over small fences. Maybe do a course.
(5) We actually did a fair bit of jumping this year, and a few courses. The little man is starting to get quite confident.
Actually, we even did some cross country schooling!

2019 Personal Goals
1. Maintain financial solvency, in the face of temptations like horse shows and quality boarding.
(5) Not broke yet. However, the recent spat of vet bills can stop soon.
2. Commit to a fitness schedule that works for me and settle in.
(3) I've not been lazy, but it took me quite a bit of time to get back into running. Getting to the gym has been sporadic, but I've been doing it. Giving this a solid "Could Be Better".
Does hiking to the top of the world count as fitness?
3. Run 400 miles (no, but really).
(2) Due to my injuries early in the year and general life issues, I had to completely reset my goal mid year. I did manage to achieve my reset goal.
4. Launch my photography side gig.
(2) Launched and some gigs done, but very much needs more work.
5. Get through the year with an established daily routine that stays intact.
(2) I have finished the year with an actual routine, but it's been a hard won journey. 

This was such a year of growth. Nothing groundbreaking was planned, but I did have a lot of amazing experiences and a ton of hard work. I feel like this was a year of healing and set up that will allow me to move forward. Speaking of which ...

2020 Riding/Horse Goals
1. Fix the connection in the reins with Bast.
2. Develop collection for 2nd level.
3. Show 1st level with scores in the mid 60s.
4. Event Bast Starter.
5. Foxhunt Bast.
6. Keep Pig working 3x a week as long as possible.

2020 Personal/Athletic Goals
1. Continue to work through physical therapy on my right side, working towards achieving balance in hip and upper body. This includes developing exercises and plans to continue to maintain any improvements.
2. Run 300 miles.
3. Keep refining that schedule/routine.

Alright. Let's embark on this journey into 2020. Yes?

Goals? Who had goals? (2019 Review / 2020 Vision)