Flooding rains push away

Good Sunday to one and all. Even as the heavy rain moves to our east, we continue deal with quite a bit of flooding issues in many areas of central and eastern Kentucky. It’s likely to take a few days before our waterways get closer to normal.

Major flooding issues are ongoing across parts of central and eastern Kentucky early today. Here’s a look at the current Flood and Flash Flood Warnings:

Regional radar is tracking the rain to our east:

Today continues with very gusty winds that may reach 40mph or greater at times. This is a colder wind coming in from the northwest, giving us temps in the 40s for highs. Lows the next few mornings reach the 20s with dry times continuing.

A seasonal brand of air hangs with us into Monday and Tuesday as skies stay dry.

The pattern will send a weak system our way by the end of the week, with an arctic front blowing in for the opening of March. Behind that, it gets frigid with some winter weather chances:

This is one anti-spring look to the pattern across much of the country:

Have a great Sunday and take care.

Flooding rains push away