Spark is growing. Just a few more rows and then the main colourwork chart is finished.

This is Rowan’s new Soft Boucle.

Boucle yarn is such a favourite for autumn and winter, adding texture to any knit. This chunky version is blended from cotton, alpaca, Merino wool and polyamide, knitting up quickly on 6mm needles to create a light, but warm fabric. Available in a range of classics and neutrals for timeless style.

The pattern book is available on the website.

I’m home early because I needed to have my glasses fixed. I lost the screw this morning and wore them with tape while in the store. It was something my dad would do. Now that I’m home I can work on the website. Our WiFi is so much faster here.

Faux Fur Pompoms are online now.

I took some pictures of new Rasta colours with pompoms.

This is colour 174 Carousel.

Top left is a Racoon Pompom in teal. Then Frost, Lilac and Ink Blot Faux Fur.

This is 167 Mejillon. On the left is a Racoon Pompom in Periwinkle and on the right is Lilac Faux Fur.
This 177 Blueberry Cream. On the left is a Racoon Pompom in Eggplant on the right is Orchid.
Rasta in Unicorn Bark with a Faux Fur Pompom in Rainbow.
Beth and Boscoe worked from home today which meant that Boscoe had a lot of energy when I got home. This is his snake that squeaks. After I took pictures he got two of the three squeakers out. Then he proceeded to demolish the snake. He’s cute but we don’t buy him stuffed toys anymore. They don’t live for very long.
Source: areallygoodyarn