BOSSIP Exclusive: Gentleman Jack Culture Shaker Myia Buter Closes Out Black History Month With A Brown Sugar BANG

Cheers to Black History Month!

Gentleman Jack extended the storied brand’s winning streak with its refreshingly diverse Culture Shakers program designed to celebrate the contributions Black and Latino bartenders continue to make in the spirits industry.

In its first year, six bartenders from across the country (Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New
York, and Seattle) were selected to showcase their craft by paying homage to industry
trailblazers, drawing inspiration from their roots, and celebrating their unique cultures through
the art of mixology.

“Through Culture Shakers, Gentleman Jack honors creators who take the extra step in their
craft and strive to leave a legacy within their communities,” said Keenan Harris, Jack Daniel’s
Senior Multicultural Marketing Manager.

We caught up with Atlanta-based Culture Shaker Myia Butler who showed us how to make her signature Brown Sugar Baby cocktail during a super fun conversation you can watch below:

When you’re done, you can check out this short video by Jamaican filmmaker Storm Saulter who captured the Georgia native’s passion for educating her clientele about the history and background of the liquors she uses to create well-crafted cocktails.

“As a filmmaker and visual artist of color, I find it critical to capture our voices and histories in a way that unwraps complex social and cultural dynamics,” said Saulter.

“I’m excited to work with Gentleman Jack on this compelling storytelling opportunity of Black and Latinx cocktail culture using my passion of film to do so.”

To further pay tribute to the historical impact multicultural bartenders have on the cocktail industry, Gentleman Jack partnered with ‘Black Bottom Saints’ author Alice Randall. Her best-selling book explores Detroit as the epicenter of mid-century American Black cocktail culture.

“African-Americans have played a central, but often unheralded, role in the development of the
cocktail, the cocktail bar, and cocktail culture,” said Randall.

“Thomas Bullock and Ada “Bricktop” Smith are each viable candidates if we want to claim one person who has made a greater impact on the cocktail than any other single person.”

As a smooth Tennessee whiskey that utilizes a second charcoal mellowing process to achieve greatness, Gentleman Jack strives to embrace the creator in us all who takes the extra step to craft what’s real and strives to leave a legacy.

For more info on Gentleman Jack’s Culture Shakers program (and Myia’s Brown Sugar Baby recipe), click here.


BOSSIP Exclusive: Gentleman Jack Culture Shaker Myia Buter Closes Out Black History Month With A Brown Sugar BANG