First Look: 2021 Mizuno M•Craft Putters

  • Mizuno adds three new models to their M•Craft putter line-up.
  • These new putters feature 100-percent milled construction and the same three finish options from 2020.
  • They will be in shops on Feb. 21, 2021, with a MSRP of $300.

Building upon their 2020 success, Mizuno Golf decided to expand their M•Craft putter line-up in 2021. The original M•Craft putters proved quite popular in 2020 as, for some reason, golf consumers responded positively to fully milled carbon steel heads, three finish options and an included weight kit for $300.

Go figure.

In 2021, Mizuno is adding three models to the M•Craft putter line. Don’t worry. The three models released last season will still be available in 2021.


  • Metal: Forged 1025 carbon steel
  • Finishes: Three (White Satin, Black ION, Blue ION)
  • Construction: 100-percent milled
  • Length: 34 or 35 inches
  • Lie: 70 degrees
  • Loft: 4 degrees
  • Head Weight: 4 and 5, 355 grams; 6, 370 grams
  • Weight Kit: Included
  • Grip: Lamkin Deep Etched Full BLUE cord
  • Price: $300


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Mizuno Feel With the Performance Appeal

When the first batch of M•Craft putters launched last year, there were lots of positive comments about their great looks. What we didn’t know when I wrote about these last January was how they would perform. Performance is kind of a big deal for Mizuno. Consumers expect Mizuno’s clubs to be great and typically they are. Over the years, Mizuno clubs have racked up a bunch of Most Wanted accolades at I seem to remember their irons were especially dominant in 2019.

Based on the Mizuno pedigree, I expected the putters to perform well in 2020 Most Wanted putter testing. As it turned out, they performed very well. The M•Craft 2, the traditional Anser-style blade, placed third in the Most Wanted Blade competition. The M•Craft 3, a small-ish round mallet, placed fourth overall in the Most Wanted Mallet trials. Not scoring as well was the M•Craft 1 but it’s likely the model that fits the smallest tester swing cohort. Regardless, I don’t remember another initial putter offering that did as well as the Mizuno M•Craft putters.

Obviously, Mizuno is on to something with the M•Craft putter line. It makes perfect sense that they would bet on this hot horse again. That’s why in 2021, we will once again be seeing the silver, black and blue of Mizuno in the putter corral. Let’s take a look.

Mizuno M•Craft 4

The M•Craft 4 is the most blade-like of the new releases. It has the classic heel-toe weight scheme of the modern blade but with a wider body. The overall profile of the M•Craft 4 is quite rectangular. It’s not a delicate blade by any stretch but it may be the model that best suits a blade player making the transition to a mallet. The short slant neck of the M•Craft 4 suits a blade player’s more arcing path.

For me, of the models tested, the M•Craft 4 was the one where changing the weights made the biggest difference in performance. The stock configuration felt heavy and a touch awkward. Once I switched to the lighter weights, that feeling disappeared and my putting improved. This is why I’m so big on them including the weight kit. Adjusting the weights can make a difference. Not paying extra for those weights makes a huge difference.

Mizuno M•Craft 5

The M•Craft 5 keeps the 2020 mallets with toe hang alive and well. With the short slant neck, the 5 should actually give the 2020 Model 1 a run for the most arcing path title. Overall, we are looking at a compact, rounded mallet where someone has sawed off the rear radius. It reminds me of the Toulon Atlanta, though perhaps a little less stout.

But it’s not not just a copy of that putter. If you look at the photo of the face, you can see the overall shape is more teardrop than symmetrical. It’s a tweak that likely drops the center of gravity a bit and will change how this putter plays. That is a theme for all three of these putters. No, they are not truly unique head designs. However, they are loaded with enough tweaks and twists to make them individual interpretations.

Mizuno M•Craft 6

I have a feeling that many of you skipped right over the other models and went directly toward Model 6’s fetching fangs. The Model 6 is the pure mallet in the batch. With the weight pushed to the edges and distinct lack of toe hang, mallet players will feel right at home with this one. Though not the first fang-style putter out there, the Model 6 is a solid take on the style. Remember that these are all forged, then 100-percent milled carbon steel construction. Most fang putters are cast with inserts. Sure, you can buy a milled Odyssey Las Vegas but, like Las Vegas, that version of the #7 will take an extra $200 out of your pocket.

Unfortunately, this head is not available with the slant neck.

Mizuno M•Craft Putters Claim the Corral

Mizuno is making a strong market statement in 2021 with the M•Craft line. For $300, you get a forged and milled carbon steel putter with a weight kit and optional finishes. Plus, you now have six head choices. Though the new ones are all arguably mallet-like, the addition of these new M•Craft putter models diversifies the overall line. One of the six models should suit most golfers. If you are shopping for a putter after these hit the shops on Feb. 21, 2021, I can’t see why the M•Craft putter line would not be on your “must roll” list.

Let’s not forget the M•Craft putters also have Most Wanted credibility. When the first M•Craft putter batch launched last year, we admired the looks of the M•Craft line but didn’t really know how they would perform. With the 2020 Most Wanted putter results, we now know these putters can roll with the best. The initial batch of Mizuno M•Craft putters were attractive and productive. I’ll be expecting more of the same from the three new ones.

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First Look: 2021 Mizuno M•Craft Putters