4 Reasons You Should Switch to ClickUp (Review)

I am a total die-hard for ClickUp. I have been with them for probably about four years now, and I try to convince everybody under the sun to go with ClickUp.

So if you are currently searching for a project management system for your small business, let me convince you why ClickUp is the best one out there. 

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4 Reasons You Should Switch to ClickUp (Review)
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4 Reasons to Switch to ClickUp

Reason #1: It’s Flexible

I’m really big on learning styles, working styles and making sure that people can actually create something that works for them because we’re all a little bit different.

And most systems, they have one layout, one setup, and that’s it. 

With ClickUp, you have so much flexibility and different people can see things in different ways. 

So let me show you some examples of that.

Let’s say, for instance, you like Asana or you like to-do lists and you like to be able to check things off. You can easily go into a list view.

You can change the layout for yourself or somebody else could pin this for themselves so that if you preferred a different view, they could see what they wanted to see. 

If you like something like Trello, you can easily switch over to the board view.

Then you would have the ability to make it a little more streamlined, and clean up things that you don’t want to see. 

So this allows people to work with what they’re comfortable with.

If you have a team of people that are coming in from a lot of different places, or project management systems, this can ensure that everybody can get up to speed.

Also, the learning curve is a little bit faster because they’re not so confused trying to learn a entire new system. 

I also love that it works for different learning styles or working styles in terms of dashboards. 

Dashboards are what you can set up to bring somebody’s information or their tasks from different places in ClickUp all into one place along with anything else that will be handy for them. 

Let’s say you have somebody in your team that is a part of particular aspects of your business and doesn’t necessarily need access to everything, or it could be confusing for them to be able to find everything.

You can easily put everything in one place for them so that they can have their own chat room, they can have all of their tasks showing up, and any quick links.

It is all completely customizable.

You can add whatever widgets you’d like to add to this, to be able to make it work for that person.

I love this so much because we do have different learning styles.

We have different organizational styles, and this allows your business to keep one system, but individuals in your business to create a system going that works for them.  

Reason #2: It’s Scalable

It’s scalable in the number of people that you can add to it.

It’s scalable in the tools that are there. There could be tools that are perfect for a solopreneur all the way up to a large team.

And it’s scalable in price.

Let me give you an example of all of those things in one.

You could literally sign up for the free use.

Now I will say the drawback of this is you’d have no storage space. So if you’re gonna be uploading anything, or utilizing it for storage space, this might actually take the place of some of your cloud storage.

I would definitely recommend going with the unlimited it’s $5 per member per user, but then you also have free guests that you can add.  

So if you’re a solopreneur, but you have a contractor that comes in, you can still keep this super affordable for yourself. 

And then it can scale from there.

As you can see, the features scale with it. There are so many things that you’re able to do to be able to automate or create in ClickUp.

Literally anything that you are used to using in some other system ClickUp can do it.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re using Monday, Asana, Notion, or Todoist, ClickUp can do the same thing, but it’s going to be:

  • Cheaper
  • Easier
  • More flexible

Like we were saying before, everybody can do different things and still be able to stay organized in one business. 

Reason #3: It’s Focusable

I hear from a lot of my clients that they love something like Notion, but it’s overwhelming and confusing.

They’re seeing a lot of things, it’s messy and it’s easily distractible.

With ClickUp it’s really clean and organized.

You’re going to be putting all of your tasks into spaces, folders, lists, or tasks within those lists. But out of sight, out of mind, you don’t have to focus on them when you don’t need to.

Instead, you set your due dates and you come in to your home or your inbox and you just focus on what’s due today.

You can then look to see what’s coming up, but you’re not constantly seeing things that you shouldn’t be seeing at that time.

Also, you have something in your dashboard call trending.

This is going to show you things that are trending right now, but you can drag things from anywhere in this area to your lineup and it will give you an even more focusable inbox so that you know exactly what your Big Rocks are for that day.

And if you haven’t seen, or you don’t know what I’m talking about, when it comes to Big Rocks, be sure to check out this blog post.

It’s all about Time Management, Prioritization, and how to make your life more streamlined. You have to understand Big Rocks in order to do that. 

I love ClickUp home because I will spend time once a week, or once a month, sitting down and planning out my time, time blocking, and getting things scheduled out.

Then I don’t have to think about it. I can just come in on a Tuesday morning and hammer out the things I need to do that day without getting distracted by anything else. 

Also, a lot of times, as a team, you can get distracted by messaging apps and things like that. You’re constantly switching tabs or checking your phone or different things.

That takes you away from your focus time.

But with ClickUp , you can actually do all of your chatting within ClickUp. You can create different chat spaces. You can have chats within each space so that you have different conversations going on for different people.

Therefore, everybody doesn’t have to be aware of every single thing going on in the business. You can comment inside the task themselves, and this can actually eliminate things like Slack, Voxer, text messaging, emails, all of that sort of thing.

Again, it will streamline everything so that you can look at what you want to look at when you want to look at it and eliminate the distractions the rest of the time. 

Reason #4: It Keeps Getting Better

I’m really big on making sure that I work with companies that are innovating and ClickUp is constantly innovating.

They’re constantly releasing updates, new features, and fixing things. Anytime you notice a bug, they are on it.

You can create a ticket and they will fix it right away. We will usually create a video of it and they’ll go in and get it done. 

They have the best customer service that I’ve seen by far.

And the fact that they’re constantly releasing new things means that ClickUp just keeps getting better.

Again, I’ve been with them for four years and I have not regretted it a single moment because every time I want something, I can just request it.

And they will usually (if they haven’t already started working on it or don’t already have it in the lineup) make sure that they get on it.

They are so fantastic about making sure that they’re serving your needs as their client. And that’s huge. 

We all know as business owners, we need to be serving our own clients’ needs, right?

But so many businesses out there that we work with, especially software, make it so easy to feel like they’re not listening to you.

You know, we’re so used to Google and Facebook, literally not listening to us that when you find a service like this, that really does care, it’s a game-changer.

ClickUp wants to make the best system for you allowing it to be streamlined, organized, and improves productivity.

I’m all about it. 

All in all, these are my top 4 reasons why I would say to switch to ClickUp.

However, before you actually make the decision, I’d encourage you to check out the next blog post on how to get started with ClickUp for beginners.

Follow along so that you really understand the first steps to take and some of the most important things to not skip.

Are you ready to put your efficiency and ClickUp to use?

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What about you, Boss?

Are you convinced to switch over to ClickUp yet?

If not, or if so, share with us why in the comments.

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4 Reasons You Should Switch to ClickUp (Review)