4 Ways to Market Freebies to Customers

Consumers often love receiving extra perks and freebies when they shop online. As you build your online presence, you can expand the way you market to customers by offering a wide variety of freebie options. Freebies do not need to cut deep into your marketing budget, and many of the options can help expand your customer base. 

Learn about four freebies to consider for your business and ways to market those freebies through your online store. 

1. Free Contests 

Attract potential customers to your online store with a free contest. During a free contest, you can put up a prize and offer a submission form for customers to fill out. The winner of the contest is randomly selected from all the submissions. One of the key parts of offering a contest is having customers sign up for promotional emails. 

Through the promotional emails, you can send out notices about new products or sales with your business. The extended reach is worth the amount of marketing money you put towards the prizes. If the prizes directly correlate with your online shop, then you can offer customers some of your best products and hope they return to order more in the future.

2. Free Catalogs 

One of the simplest freebies you can offer at your online store is a free catalog through traditional mail. Printed catalogs may not be used as often as they once were, but you can still find effective ways to increase sales through catalogs. 

Printed catalogs can include exclusive coupon code and detailed product listings. QR codes allow someone to easily load a digital link of a products and add it to their cart. A quarterly catalog gives you a lot of marketing options and can expand your reach.  For example, someone may receive a catalog, do some shopping, and pass the catalog along to someone else. This can help expand your customer base and allow you to showcase your branding. 

3. Free Bonus Gifts 

When customers order, you can offer free bonus gifts with a minimum purchase threshold. The bonus gifts encourage larger purchases and area nice extra that shoppers can look forward to. The gifts can be directly associated with the purchase you make. For example, you can offer free battery packs for portable electronic purchases. 

If your website sells cosmetics, then you can offer free sample sizes of moisturizers, creams, or perfumes. If you sell clothing, then you can offer free socks for a bonus gift. The little extra can help show a customer how appreciated they are.

4. Free Gift Packaging 

Online ordering allows people to send products directly to family and friends as gifts. One way you can make the delivery even more special is through free gift packaging. Free gift packaging is a nice little perk you can set up during the checkout process. Gift packaging can include special packing materials like colored tissue paper. 

Also, include the option to write a little gift message. The gift message is packaged with the items instead of a traditional invoice or receipt. You may print out the gift message or choose to hand write it as a nice personal touch. You may also offer to wrap a gift during special holidays and events. You can even design custom gift packaging. The custom designs can feature your company branding and logo.

To help market and set up freebies for your online store, connect with our services through Manta.com. We will help your online business grow, and you can implement one or more of the freebies with ease when professionals help. We look forward to helping you!

Source: manta.com

4 Ways to Market Freebies to Customers