40 Under 40: Andrew Stone

“I really try to show care for others in all that I do.”

Utah Valley University • Orem • Associate Vice President • Age 38

Dr. Andrew Stone has been giving it the old college try — and our university community is better for it. Stone completed a master’s degree in education in 2010 and a Ph.D. in 2014 (both from the University of Utah). He started working at UVU in 2007, and today serves as an associate vice president of enrollment management. His foray into higher education came from his own life-changing education experiences, and now Stone is changing the lives of future generations. Specifically, he’s been instrumental in UVU’s expansion, financial aid resources, and innovative initiatives such as UVU’s Vision 2030 Plan.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Because of my perfect height for basketball (5’6”) I wanted to play for the Sacramento Kings. When that didn’t work out, I thought marine biology would be cool.”

DREAM MOMENT “We have made significant efforts to remove barriers and hurdles for students coming to UVU. Several years ago, we heard students say doing their taxes is easier than applying for college. We want to make coming to UVU much easier than taxes.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Education is a vehicle individuals can use to improve themselves and their personal situation. I love what I do.”


Wolverines need masks, too, people!

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “Puppy. We have a quarantine dog now.”

QUARANTINE SURPRISE “As a person who wears glasses, masks are tough — but important.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Efficient meetings. Also, the GIF usage on chat has been amazing. I hope we never lose that.”

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40 Under 40: Andrew Stone