40 Under 40: Britnee Nuehring

“I exude optimism — but I’m thoughtful and intentional about that energy.”

Crumbl Cookies • Orem • VP of Marketing • Age 27

Britnee Bromley Nuehring knows how the cookie Crumbls. After earning her PR degree at UVU and working as a marketing manager at Avalaunch Media, she’s come full circle with her role at Crumbl Cookies. Armed with iconic pink boxes and Nuehring’s marketing prowess, the fast-growing cookie chain now has 278K followers on Instagram and a staggering 95 locations in 16 states.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “My mom is a kick-butt educator of 30 years. I’ve loved watching her do something she loves AND is good at. I went through typical spurts of wanting to pursue 50 different careers, but the consistent dream has been to make an impact and love what I do. Just like my mom.”

DREAM MOMENT “I will always be proud of my senior year at UVU. While pregnant (and so incredibly sick), I served as president of the nation’s top PRSSA Chapter, completed two internships, planned and hosted a PR conference, was named PR Student of the Year, graduated, and gave birth to my sweet little dude. I get emotional thinking about the countless people who carried me through that year. My husband was my biggest cheerleader.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Making a positive impact.”



QUARANTINE SNACK “Crumbl Cookies (duh) + pickle juice (I’m 14-weeks pregnant).”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Our community’s collective interest in supporting small business. It was refreshing to be intentional about our buying decisions.”

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40 Under 40: Britnee Nuehring