40 Under 40: Heather Hammond Cruz

“My path has been a fascinating journey — and this is just the beginning.”

Nu Skin • Provo • Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability • Age 38

Heather Hammond Cruz is a jill of all trades. After graduating in flute performance, she worked at Stanford University in their MBA program. She then worked for Cisco Systems in the Bay Area doing global events, as well as participated in humanitarian trips to Africa and India. She received her MBA in social entrepreneurship from BYU, where she was named a Hawes Scholar (their highest distinction), and then traveled all over Asia working for Nike. She now serves as a director for Nu Skin, where she is leading an award-winning team in social responsibility and sustainability. Talk about a green Nu deal.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Elementary school teacher.”

DREAM MOMENT “Taking a risk after grad school by accepting a job with Nike in Asia, where I spent 17 weeks of the first year on the road alone in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. It built my confidence and taught me how much I can learn from other cultures.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To always have a job that allows me to change the world.”



QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “The ways people have connected with and encouraged each other.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “I was part of the banana bread bandwagon that raged at the beginning of quarantine, but I’ve settled into all types of baking.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “That our work community will be able to strengthen and diversify the talent pool by including remote work opportunities.”

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40 Under 40: Heather Hammond Cruz