40 Under 40: Jon McBride

“There is such power in digital communities. I always want to leverage that power for good.”

BYU • Provo •  Media Relations • Age 37

Jon McBride is hashtag-important. He’s the social media manager at BYU and has been in charge of growing the university’s main accounts. With thoughtful initiatives, he’s tackled crucial topics such as sexual assault, consent, racism, sexism, homophobia, conflict resolution and mental health awareness. And last year, he was awarded the eduWeb Summit Award for Industry Excellence. Hashtag-toldyouso.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Growing up just outside of Toronto, I wanted to be a professional hockey player in the NHL, of course.”

DREAM MOMENT “The first big Instagram story we produced was to help BYU students know what to do if someone comes to them for help after experiencing a sexual assault. We’d never done anything like this before, but the results were incredible. Not only did our audience engage, it provided life-saving training. This blew my previous greatest professional accomplishment out of the water — when I pitched Beyoncé, and Queen Bey herself shared some BYU-related content to her 63 million followers.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Make an impact, add value, bring people together.”



QUARANTINE SURPRISE “My introvert tendencies have been preparing me for this my whole life.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “I have not worn pants since mid-March. True story. Shorts only. All day. Every day. Working from home. Comfort level is at 100.”

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40 Under 40: Jon McBride