4000 Sunnyslope Avenue in Sherman Oaks

For the first time on the market in almost 15 years, the Harry J. Wolff house is a sublime example of R. M. Schindler’s “plaster skin design” phase.

Having been previously restored to its original design, the house is currently under the Mills Act creating a massive tax incentive for any buyer.

Schindler’s work with light, space, and form are beautifully at play in this home.

The shades of the walls change colors as the natural lights shifts throughout the day.

Low hanging walls give way to large open spaces, providing a natural ebb and flow while moving throughout the home.

The home boasts a beautiful layout with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The landscape surrounds the property, creating privacy.  Adding to the complete zen of the house is the waterfall that drowns out any ambient noise.

Being the only Schindler house currently on the market, this home presents a truly unique and remarkable experience.

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Listing courtesy of Louis DeLaura, Sotheby’s International Realty. 

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4000 Sunnyslope Avenue in Sherman Oaks