Future Ordered To Pay Daughter’s Mom Eliza Reign $3,200 Monthly In Child Support After She Requested $53K A Month

Future’s daughter’s mom Eliza Reign didn’t get nearly what she asked for in child support, but the judge did order Future to drop a few stacks a month for his daughter. Deets inside…


Future’s daughter’s mom Eliza Reign just scored a victory in court. Well, kinda.

After several rounds of back and forth to court, a Broward County judge has reportedly ordered Future (real name Nayvadius Wilburn) to pay Eliza Reign (real name Eliza Seraphin) $3,200 a month in child support for their 1-year-old daughter, Reign Wilburn, according to a report from Baller Alert. The judgement comes two months after Eliza rejected the ATL rapper’s offer of $1,000/month.

While the judge did rule in Eliza’s favor, she’s likely pissed at the amount the judge declared. She originally requested $53,000/month in child support from the High Off Life rapper. Oop! She came with that amount after reading a 2019 Forbes article estimating Future's income at $20 million a year.

We’re not sure how much money the Dirty Sprite rapper makes and, apparently, neither does his accountant. What? It’s reported the rapper is only (we say only since we’re talking about celebs who love to flaunt how rich they are) making $30,000/month.

Eliza’s attorney spoke to TSR and said “Future’s accountant testified he has no idea how much he’s earned, but the $30,000-figure was an opinion based on what Future has now.”

“We disagree with it,” Eliza’s attorney Brandon Rotbart told the site in response to the child support amount. “We had some other evidence that was contradictory.”

“We are very hopeful that once we get all the documentation from him, his banking info, his credit card info, that the final child support number would be substantially higher,” he continued.

So yeah, this is far from over. Eliza’s attorney said that as of right now, retroactive child support Future has to pay Eliza is still pending. When he does cough up the retro pay, he’ll owe her at least $38,400. Oh, her attorney also said they’ll have to take a deposition from Future at some point. Lordt.

For the last two years, Future and Eliza have been engaged legal battles regarding their daughter and other lawsuits. He has accused her of taking fertility pills to get pregnant and accused her of purposely getting pregnant in order to get money from him. Sir, it takes two to make a baby. Wear a condom and this wouldn’t even be an issue.

Just last week, the “Life Is Good” rapper dropped his defamation suit against Eliza. Back in May, Future finally took a paternity test and it was revealed he is 100% the father of Eliza’s daughter, Reign. Since the baby was born, Eliza was trying to get him to take a paternity test, but he was dragging his feet.

Eliza is Future’s 6th baby mama and possibly not his last. We believe Baby Reign is baby #7, but at this point who even knows.

By the way, Lori Harvey may have lucked up in not becoming part of his baby mother harem. It's rumored she and Future have called it quits. 

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Future Ordered To Pay Daughter’s Mom Eliza Reign $3,200 Monthly In Child Support After She Requested $53K A Month