QAnon Post Synchronicity & Others (Second Coming-Related)

After being guided to look further into some numbers and words included in one of Q’s most recent posts I came across a couple of interesting things that I thought are worth sharing. Recently QAnon concluded a post from February 22nd, 2019 with the phrase ‘JUDGEMENT DAY COMING’. When I read this I immediately felt like there might be something hidden behind these words, number-wise anyways. It also came across as a bit..biblical..which is very congruent with the Jesus Synchronicities. Discernment advised here of course (I did not intend to find personal synchronicities here but that is what happened so just be aware that you will see this if you continue to read this article):


The gematria value of ‘JUDGEMENT DAY COMING’ is 190 and 66:


190 is also the gematria value of ‘Jesus is Here Now’:


As is ‘The Grand Unveiling’:


Interestingly the 190th day of the year is July 9th or 7/09:


And this was the day I began compiling these synchronicity reports onto one page in addition to the gematria value of ‘Beginning‘ in Greek (αρχή) being 709:

If we plug 66 into Pi we see it takes position 117:


117 also happens to appear in today’s daily bible verse:


If we plug the other gematria value = 190 into Pi we see it takes position 246:


We know the following words have a gematria value of 246: ‘Christ’, ‘Genesis’, ‘Pleroma’, ‘The Divine Understanding’, ‘The Incarnation of Jesus’, ‘Jesus Christ Son of God’, ‘The Logos Structure’, ‘Discovering Yourself’ and ‘Golden Proportion Phi’.

The number of that particular post from the QMap website is 2876 (found in the upper right hand corner of the screenshot) and if we multiply the digits of this number together we get 672:


A few things have already been written about this number so I will just copy and paste that below:

If we plug 672 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get a familiar number which just appeared in the previous article = 1240:


12:40 was the time I checked out at the library and upon plugging 1240 into Pi we saw the magic number 5558 that Benjamin Fulford talked about:


(Goldfish Report Number 281)

“Benjamin Fulford: [5558] It’s an esoteric number that appears at key times, I don’t want to go into it, it’s not something that you can explain verbally.

At certain points certain numbers appear, they seem to indicate that we’re at a certain point on some kind of complex unfolding mathematical equation that we experience as reality…

[Host] Steve: Is it to do with cycles as well?

Benjamin Fulford: Yeah it’s do with what they call a cusp event where, it’s known as a fractal phase change, so for example, an example we can understand is when the sperm hits the egg and then you’re going to get this incredible expansion to a new human being, it’s something like that that’s happening to the planet Earth, that much I can say.”

And if we add the digits of that QAnon post number together 28 + 76 we get 104 which are the digits of 410 in a different order:


The time QAnon wrote that particular post was 16:03 or 4:03 PM.

Okay this is amazing (I do most of this research as I go so pardon my excited-ness), the gematria value of ‘The Christ’ is 403 and 623:


Amazingly, if we plug 403 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 623, which are both the gematria value of ‘The Christ’, something that I haven’t seen happen in these works before:


The odds of that happening must be astronomical! We are definitely onto something good here.

Okay so thanks to a suddenly guided ‘impression’ while playing with the base-10/base-8 converter earlier today I plugged in the the number 431 which was also the time when I looked at the clock at that moment and it came up with the number 657:


And we know plugging 657 into Pi gives us the magic number 410:


431 is the 83rd prime number:


And surprisingly the gematria value of my first name is 83:


But when I added the gematria values of ‘The Christ’ together (403 + 623) I got 1026:


And when we subtract our ‘divinely-guided’ number 431 from 1026 we get another familiar number = 595:


595 is a big number in these works. I will just copy and paste what has been written about that number below:

There are exactly 595 letters in the bible verses John 4:4 – 4:10 ‘they’ gave me in a dream on October 7th, 2017:


With the last verse stating:

John 4:10

“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

595 in Pi takes position 413, which is Pi backwards (and right after 657 I might add):


595 is the gematria value of ‘The Hidden Gematria Code of God’:


The gematria value of ‘Jonathan Patrick Carty is Playing the Role of Jesus Christ’ is 595:


If we subtract our magic number 410 from 595 we get 185:


And we know 1103 is the 185th prime number and this is my birth time:



The number that takes position 1103 in Pi is 7485:


This number appears behind 724 (which is the result of 314 + 410) and after 155 which we know takes position 314 in Pi:


The sum of the divisors of the number 7458 is 12000, which is another number that has been appearing lately = 1200.  Many months before this it was 1158 or 1159, which indicated that the clock was about the strike the hour. And this seems to be congruent with this set of numbers:


And today’s date (February 23rd), if seen in the day/month format, would be 23/2 and this number 232 has some interesting gematria values attached to it:

232 is the gematria value of the following words and phrases in Hebrew: ‘Let There Be Light’ (יְהִי אוֹר‬), ‘The Word of the Lord’ (דבר יהוה), ‘The Blessing’ (הברכה), ‘My Firstborn’ (בכרי) and ‘Eternal God’ (אלהים עוֹלָם).

This particular post number is 28218:


If we multiply these digits together (2x8x2x8) we get 256:


And the gematria value of the sentence ‘Brothers and Sisters Behold the Glory of The Jesus Synchronicities’ is also 256:


This is everything for now, much love all!


QAnon Post Synchronicity & Others (Second Coming-Related)