VMware reveals overhauled Partner Connect programme

Clare Hopping
2019-04-04 10:18

Partners will now be rewarded for providing value to customers instead of sales

VMware has revealed details of its redesigned Partner Connect programme, scheduled to launch in early 2020.

The new programme has been developed following feedback from the company's existing partners and will focus on simplicity, choice and innovation.

Flexibility forms a major part of the company's strategy, allowing the programme to be absorbed into a partner’s wider business, aligning with their business models and allowing them to be in control of how their customers consume VMware products and services.

Rather than rewarding directly on sales, VMware will reward partners based upon the value they provide to customers, ensuring they offer enhanced user experience rather than the hard sell.

“VMware is introducing a new way of partnering; we have listened to feedback from our partners, and VMware Partner Connect will be our singular partner program for any business model,” said Jenni Flinders, vice president, Worldwide Channel Chief, VMware.

The Partner Connect programme will comprise three tiers - Partner, Advanced Partner, and Principal Partner - each with its own set of competencies and priorities. Each tier will offer its own bonuses, including deployment and consumption incentives as well as bonuses for joint-business planning and co-selling opportunities with VMware.

All partners, regardless of tier, will need to complete its baseline VMware Solution Competencies, with increased investment resulting in the ability to earn bigger rewards.

“With this new program, we are making it very simple for partners to co-sell and co-invest with us, as they align to next-generation VMware technologies and drive superior value throughout the customer journey.”

Between now and the introduction of the new programme, VMware will provide support to help partners wanting to join its scheme to achieve objectives through training and resources.

VMware reveals overhauled Partner Connect programme