The Duchess Dons Dior from Top to Bottom for Morocco Reception

The Duchess wore Dior for this evening’s reception at the British Ambassador’s residence in Morocco.

On their way into the party Meghan and Harry were greeted by Ambassador Thomas Reilly’s daughters,12-year-old Orla and 8-year-old Elsa.

More on the young ladies from The Sun:

Little Orla later said she was nervous about meeting the Royal couple but revealed they were “really nice”.

She added: “Prince Harry asked us if we lived here all the time or whether this was a temporary house and asked us if we had parties like this every week, which we don’t otherwise it would be a lot of work! It’s been a lot of preparation but really fun.

“The flowers we gave them were from our garden which we helped choose and Meghan said they were beautiful which we are so glad about.”

The Ambassador tweeted a lovely sentiment about his girls. Meghan and Harry were welcomed with a traditional rosewater greeting as they entered the residence. You can see how Meghan’s gown moves in this quick video.

A closer look.

Guests at tonight’s function included influential Moroccan women, disabled athletes and young entrepreneurs. Below, Prince Harry speaking with military representatives; some were some from the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie, including one who attended Sandhurst. Both William and Harry graduated from Sandhurst.

Here you see the Duchess chatting with young female entrepreneurs.

More from The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English:

Issuing a clarion call to feminists, Meghan told a group of female executives and entrepreneurs that women around the world need to push the boundaries to advance their cause. ‘Women have to challenge everywhere in the world,’ she said.

And we also have a quick video of the conversation from Ms. English.

Now for our look at what the Duchess wore for tonight’s party. Her gown was by Dior.

The floor-length design featured traditional caftan elements like the flowing cut, as well as a high neck and draped bodice. The sleeves were bordered with glittering rhinestones or crystals.

Thoughts on tonight’s look from The Telegraph’s fashion news and features director Bethan Holt in this column:

As with last night’s Valentino look, this was haute couture with diplomatic meaning. The dress’s neckline and sleeve detailling offered nods to Morocco’s traditional djellaba robe and showed respect for the country’s modest way of dressing- an approach which has become something of a mainstream trend in fashion in recent years…

In covering Meghan’s choice of Dior, Ms. Holt notes that:

…creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri has made a point of promoting feminism through her collections since joining Dior in 2016 which offers a neat parallel with the girls’ education focus of the Sussex’s tour.

The Duchess carried a bag by Dior as well, the label’s “Embellished Pochette Clutch with Bee.” In fashion, a “pochette” generally refers to an envelope-shaped handbag.

Bees have been a motif at Dior for some time, used on a mix of merchandise. The bee is said to be inspired by founder Christian Dior’s love of gardens and gardening. More from Dior:

“A small hive filled to bursting, that’s what my house was like when I presented my first collection,” Christian Dior wrote in his memoirs. This metaphor for the ateliers at 30 Avenue Montaigne also evokes the activity of the seamstresses who were given the nickname of bees. Meticulous and ever-busy, they worked for the designer like a swarm. The little black and yellow insect, in a modernized and refined embroidery, is the insignia of the Dior Homme collections.

In addition to the Dior Men’s collection, the bee is shown on other items. Below, the Trésor de Tribale Earrings (L) and the Dior Tribales Earrings

Meghan’s shoes also appear to be by Dior, the D-Moi Lamé Lambskin High-Heeled style. The point toe design has a sculptured look with its raised and squared portion at the back of the heel and the tiniest flare at the bottom of the stiletto heel.

The Duchess also wore her Birks Snowflake Snowstorm earrings ($12000).

Meghan’s hair was up in a sleek bun.

Don’t miss our post on the morning’s engagements, Meghan Mixes it up for Morocco Education Engagements.

We will see you tomorrow for the final engagements of the trip. Here is a look at the schedule.

  • The first engagement is at the Moroccan Federation of Royal Equestrian Sports, where the Duke and Duchess will learn about a program using equine therapy for children with special needs. Meghan and Harry will watch a riding demonstration and see a grooming session with children in the program.
  • In the afternoon Meghan and Harry will watch a cooking demonstration with children from underprivileged backgrounds as they learn traditional Moroccan recipes. They will also view locally made artisan cookware and meet children with disabilities who work in a specially designed restaurant that accommodates their challenges.
  • The final engagement for the Duke and Duchess is at the Andalusian Gardens at the Kasbah, where they will meet young entrepreneurs and view traditional Moroccan arts and crafts.
  • TBA: This afternoon the Duke and Duchess will have an audience with King Mohammed VI; that time has not yet been announced.



The Duchess Dons Dior from Top to Bottom for Morocco Reception