5 Ways To Have More Energy in the Morning (In 5 min or less!)

If the morning leaves you dragging, try these 5 ways to boost your energy in the morning.  Each activity takes 5 minutes or less and can help get your day off to a bright start even on the busiest mornings!

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Feeling Too Tired Every Morning?



If you can feel that tired listless feeling, just hearing the word, then I can SO relate!

This year has been a big adjustment for our family. We moved to a new state, with new schools for all the kids, new schedules for us, and less sleep for everyone.

All of this resulted in less sleep and more demands, for everyone, but especially me. Because mom makes it all happen, you know?

The alarm meant another morning of prying my eyes open by mustering all the will power I have, then not really waking up for hours after I first opened my eyes.

Our life in Florida has been great, so good in fact, that I ask my husband if I had seemed less stressed to him, and he responded with, “Yes much less stressed, but also much more tired.”

Which is when I realized I needed a change.  I started implementing a few simple things that have helped me own the morning instead of the morning owning me.

While the best key, is to make sure you are getting enough sleep at night to wake well rested, these 5 tips, will help you take that rest and turn the morning into a time that is purposeful and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The best part?  Each of these little tips only takes 5 minutes or less!

I am nothing if not realistic, so here are some things that really can impact your day!

Wash Your Face

This might be the simplest tip, but it is also one that can make a huge impact on going from barely alive, to ready to take on the day in just a minute or two.

Girl washing face in morning

After I grudgingly pull myself from the warm haven that is my bed, the first thing I do is wash my face. 

The change in temperature.  The tingle of the soap.  The feeling of being fresh and clean.

All of these work to immediately surge your senses and let them know it is time to conquer the day.

Stock Your Fridge

Make sure your fridge is stocked with quick and wholesome breakfast options so you can start your day with a protein packed breakfast.

Let’s be realistic. If it isn’t quick and easy, there is 100%, absolutely, no way that breakfast is happening for me in the morning.  The kids yes. Me no.

That said, when I can get in breakfast, my morning is smoother. I am less likely to snap at the kids. I feel more alert, and not only am I more awake, I am just generally a happier and more positive person.

Eating Breakfast on Patio

To make that happen, I have learned to keep easy breakfast options that I can look forward to like Just Crack an Egg.

I absolutely LOVE these because literally all you do it peel the top back, add an egg (not included) then place all the delicious toppings in, give it a stir and microwave.

Not only is it easy to make, but because you prepare it right in the cup it comes in, there are no dishes!  (This may actually be my favorite part!)

Just Crack an Egg is an easy and convenient breakfast option that doesn’t sacrifice taste or quality. All you have to do is open it up and add 1-2 eggs and the prepped ingredients included, and in less than 2 minutes you have a hot breakfast.

Ingredients in Just Crack an Egg

There are several varieties, including three new ones:

  • Southwest
  • Veggie
  • Protein Packed

They are made with no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives. You can find Just Crack an Egg in the egg aisle in at your local Publix supermarket.

Bite of Just Crack an Egg on a Fork

Do a Quick Workout

Now I am not talking an hour at the gym.  I don’t even want you to go to a gym. 

Doing Sit Ups to get more energy in the morning

What I mean is to do 25 crunches, or 10 lunges, or a 1 min plank, or some combination of simple quick moves that get your muscles working and the blood flowing.

This shouldn’t take long or get you super sweaty, but instead be a small investment of time that helps to invigorate you in the morning.

Write Down 3 Things You Will Accomplish Today

This is one of my favorite morning activities and the first thing I do when I wake up.

Journaling on bed to get energy in the morning

I find that knowing what I need to do and articulating it on paper gives me the purpose and clarity I need to get moving.

The other thing this accomplishes is helping to make each day more productive.

I absolutely love knowing that I did at least 3 important things each day.

Spend Time Focusing on Gratitude or Meditation

Switching gears from productivity, if you can clear just 3-5 minutes in the morning to focus on clearing your mind from the chaos and focusing on gratitude and peacefulness, you may be surprised the impact it will have on you overall! 

Daily Tasks in Planner

I used to wake up and turn off my alarm then immediately start scrolling on Social Media.

Now instead I open the notes on my phone and write down 3-5 things I am thankful for.

I love focusing on the blessings in life and starting my day out in that positive space.

In a Nutshell

To sum it all up, here are 5 very small things you can do to positively impact your mornings, start your day right, and boost your energy.

  1. Wash your face
  2. Eat a quick breakfast
  3. Do a quick workout
  4. Write down 3 things you will accomplish today
  5. Jot down 3-5 things you are thankful for

Each of these only takes a minute or two to accomplish and together they have really changed my mornings from stress and chaos, to slightly less chaos, but much more energy and a positive attitude to tackle the morning and the day.

Do you have favorite things that you make a part of your morning routine each day?  I would love to hear your ideas on how to energize your morning in the comments!

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5 Ways To Have More Energy in the Morning (In 5 min or less!)