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This week:

  • Teach What You Know
  • 100K SEO Visits in 4 Months
  • 5 content-driven growth strategies
  • Google Career Certificates
  • $53/hour small-time YouTuber
  • $49k/month on Roblox
  • 41 ways to make money with video games
  • No time to build your business?
  • The worst business advice
  • Just Start

Teach What You Know

Nathan Barry (founder of ConvertKit) is a big advocate of teaching what you know to grow an audience and make money online 📈

He gives the example of Chris Coyier who started a site called CSS-Tricks.com, sharing fairly simple tips on CSS and HTML. Nathan didn’t think it was anything special, and was blown away when Chris raised $87,000 for his site via Kickstarter.

(That was back in 2012. As of 2017, Chris said he was taking home $100,000 per year from the site.)

Glen Allsopp put together an excellent article detailing more examples of people making money online by teaching 👩‍🏫


  • $3 million a year teaching people how to use Infusionsoft
  • $13,000 in 3 days teaching modeling software
  • 260,000 subscribers teaching photography on YouTube
  • $1 million a year teaching Microsoft Excel
  • $35,000 a year reaching JavaScript
  • $2 million teaching Evernote
  • $2000 in first month teaching school librarians
  • $4.4 million teaching ACT prep
  • 400,000 visits per month teaching landlords
  • $1 million in a year creating lesson plans for teachers
  • $1000 a month helping architects pass an exam
  • Up to $297 per customer teaching Scrivener
  • 90,000 visits per month teaching landlords how to use AirBnB

After all those examples, Glen goes on to share a smart strategy for building your own online teaching business.

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100K SEO Visits in 4 Months

Tavis Lochhead shares how he got off to a fast start with organic traffic to his tech review site, RecoRank.com 🚀

He’s using a programmatic approach to SEO, effectively summarizing other reviews online and spitting out overall recommendations.

Related: detailed video from Authority Hacker showing you how to do keyword research

5 content-driven growth strategies

Lenny Rachitsky breaks down 5 unique content-driven growth strategies 🤓

In brief:

  • User-Generated SEO-Optimized (UGSO)
  • Editorially-Generated SEO-Optimized (EGSO)
  • Data-Generated SEO-Optimized (DGSO)
  • User-Generated Virality-Optimized (UGVO)
  • Editorially-Generated Virality-Optimized (EGVO)

The aforementioned RecoRank would be DGSO.

TikTok would be the ultimate example of UGVO.

My site (eBiz Facts) is EGSO, but we’re starting to experiment with UGSO.

Lenny dives deeper on EGSO here, with 7 high-level takeaways.

Google Career Certificates

Google recently launched these online training courses:

  • IT Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • UX Design
  • Android Development

To take the first four you’ll need a $39/month subscription to Coursera. The last course is free to take but there is an exam fee of $149 if you want to get the official certificate.

More info here 👈

$53/hour small-time YouTuber

That’s Thomas Smith, who has 3.5k subscribers on his YouTube channel about consumer electronics 🔌

Here’s a typical video of his, talking about a tower fan for 4 minutes. He does it all in one take and never shows his face.

Thomas writes that he now earns about $53 per hour spent on his YouTube channel, and expects to earn “a comfortable low-five-figure income on the platform in 2021.”

For a platform with such a massive reach, YouTube’s revenues are surprisingly evenly distributed among its millions of creators. That’s great news for small-time YouTubers like me. I can rank 2 millionth among around 30 million total YouTube creators in terms of overall subscribers and still make thousands of dollars per year on the platform.

$49k/month on Roblox

You might have heard some buzz about Roblox this week, as the company went public on Wednesday.

Think of Roblox as YouTube for gamers. On YouTube you have video creators and video viewers. On Roblox you have game developers and game players.

YouTube pays creators 55% of ad revenue generated from their videos. Roblox pays developers 70% of revenue generated from their games 🤑

CNBC reports that Roblox paid out $328.7 million to developers last year, including…

Now, at age 20, Gawronski has his own Roblox game that he works on full time with his girlfriend, Elle Deppe. The couple, who met on the app, earned more than $49,000 in the past month from their action game, Bad Business, by selling outfits and weapons players can use to make their characters look cooler and perform better.

“In private developer communities, there were people that were making stupid amounts of money and we thought we could do that,” said Deppe, who’s also 20, in a recent interview.

If you want to learn more about creating and monetizing games on Roblox, check out TheDevKing on YouTube. Maybe start with this video where he makes a zombie defense game for Roblox in only 10 minutes ⏩

(TheDevKing is also a good example of someone teaching what they know. He probably makes more money from his YouTube channel than his Roblox games.)

41 ways to make money with video games

Check this article we put together, packed with more ideas for cashing in on a video game habit 🎮

No time to build your business?

Side Hustle Nation shares 10 ways to free up those hours ⏳

My favorite part of that article:

The next time you’re tempted to say “I didn’t have enough time,” try to replace that with the more honest version: “I prioritized something else.”

I also have an article + video on how to free up 10 hours per week to build your online business.

And if your big time-suck is playing video games, this article should help you cut back.

The worst business advice

13 professionals from the Young Entrepreneur Council were asked about the worst business advice they’ve ever heard.

Their responses, in brief:

  • There’s a market for everything
  • Fake it until you make it
  • Open your business when you’re ready
  • Follow your passion and money will follow
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Always be closing
  • Pay yourself first
  • Growth equals success
  • Don’t treat team members as family
  • Take the money and run
  • It’s better not to take risks
  • There’s no such thing as good debt
  • Don’t make friends in business

Funny thing is, you can probably find a successful entrepreneur attributing their success to each piece of “bad” advice above 😂

Goes to show how complex entrepreneurship is. The deeper you get into it, the more you realize that the best advice usually begins with, “It depends…”

Just Start

Finally today, some motivating words via Twitter

Confidence grows with action and shrinks with idleness.

You don’t need to feel confident to start.

You need to start to feel confident.

Let’s get to work 💪

That’ll do it for this week.

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eBiz Weekly #114