Crown Me Selfie

somali cat at cat show, looking slightly peeved

I had a great day at the cat show yesterday! If I’m looking slightly peeved here, blame my human. She was having a really off day, as far as photography. She wanted to get a picture of my Pet Me Cat area, like she always does, but a bunch of the photos came out looking like the one below.

somali cat making hideous face in Pet Me Cat area

See what I mean? I don’t think her timing could have been worse! I’m glad today is Selfie day because I really needed to take matters into my own paws.

somali cat posing for selfie

So I started off like this… but I felt something was missing. A tiara of course!

somali cat says crown me

I told my human to crown me.

somali cat wearing large tiara for selfie

Much better.

Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head

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Crown Me Selfie