Review: These GORGEOUS Ciders at EPCOT Will Up Your Social Media Game!

The 2021 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival has begun!

Cider House

As we do with each festival, we’re making our way around to each of the food booths and giving you our reviews! Right now, we’re looking at the returning Cider HouseAfter taking a one-year hiatus, this booth is back in action for 2021.


Cider House made its debut in 2016, and the menu has changed only slightly since then. The focus on this booth is cider (as you can tell by the name), but there are a couple of food items as well!

Cider House Menu


We tried both of the food items here, and started with the House-made Potato and Cheddar Biscuit with Salmon Tartare! The biscuit on this sandwich is AMAZING. If you are a fan of salmon, we think you would adore this dish for $5.50.

Housemade Potato and Cheddar Biscuit with Salmon Tartare

This booth also has a dessert option, which is the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart with Whipped Cream. The chef at the booth mentioned that this was a returning treat from a previous Food and Wine Festival that had nestled its spot in Flower and Garden this time around. This dessert is $4.25.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart with Whipped Cream

You can already see that this is a VERY hefty treat with lots of decadent chocolate. The hint of raspberry that covers the top, along with the whipped cream helps cut just how rich it is, though. So, if you’re craving chocolate, chocolate, and MORE chocolate, the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart is the way to go!

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

And, now, onto the drinks!


Samuel Smith Old Brewery Pure Brewed Organic Lager has returned the menu, which tastes like a basic lager similar to Heineken for beer fans! A 6 ounce glass of this is $4.50, and a 12 ounce glass is $8.50.

Samuel Smith Organic Lager

The Snake Bite is a mixture of Blake’s Hard Cider Co Triple Jam Hard Cider and Samuel Smith Old Brewery Pure Brewed Organic Lager for $8.50. You might recognize the “Snake Bite” as drink that’s also featured in the Rose and Crown Pub. This version is on the sweeter side for those that are fans of sweet cider! We personally prefer the version at Rose and Crown, but this was still pretty tasty.


And, to top off our experience at the Cider House, we tried the Cider Flight! The flight comes with 3 Daughters Brewing Pink Lemonade Hard Cider, Bold Rock Watermelon Hard Cider, and Blake’s Hard Cider Co. Triple Jam Hard Cider. Each of the drinks are also available individually on the menu.

Cider Flight

Our favorite out of the three was the Pink Lemonade Cider as it wasn’t overly sweet and had more of a refreshing taste to it. Following behind it, the Watermelon Cider almost reminded us of a Watermelon Jolly Rancher (but totally in a good way). And, last but certainly not least, the Triple Jam Hard Cider was still a great pick for the flight. But, there wasn’t anything too unique about the very sweet flavor, so it scored 3rd place out of the trio! The whole flight is $9.50.

Cider Flight

We do have to say that they’re MEGA pretty for a photo by the World Showcase Lagoon, though! 😉


Overall, we enjoyed our experience at the Cider House! Seafood fans will want to stop by for the tartare, while chocolate lovers will enjoy indulging in the tart. If you’re a fan of sweet cider, the sips at this booth are a great choice (and perfect for your Instagram).

Cider House Spread

We’ll continue making our way around the 2021 Flower and Garden Festival, and bring you our honest reviews of each booth! Stay tuned to DFB for more food from Disney World!

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Review: These GORGEOUS Ciders at EPCOT Will Up Your Social Media Game!