So Donald Trump Locked You In Your House Indefinitely, What’s Your Next Move?

With the global quarantine continuing and everyone locked up at home, today’s article looks at several activities which maximize your time. Doing any of these sets you apart from the majority of folks who are using their downtime to watch Netflix or browse Tik Tok videos.

Additionally, these are all good ways to stay productive and avoid falling into depression or keep yourself from worrying about the end of the world (something that’s highly unlikely).

1. Read An Actual Paperback Book

Reading Books While Locked Up

(Books, Puzzles, And Board Games For Quarantine)

Between Netflix and cellphones, a large number of people will spend their entire quarantine staring at screens. Don’t join them. Get an actual book or paper based activity to spend time with.

I’ve been reading history books and thrillers, playing table top role-playing games, or doing simple puzzles. This may not be on par with translating the Iliad or contemplating the works of Immanuel Kant, but it is better than watching prank videos on YouTube. I would highly suggest finding at least one analogue activity to enjoy while locked up. This can be as simple as doing a crossword, or as forward thinking as writing down goals and creating long-term plans.

Whatever you do, I would suggest finding at least three to four hours per day where you aren’t just staring at screens. Additionally, pick up a book or puzzle whenever you feel the urge to watch the news. The current doomsday cycle is poison and there’s nothing to gain from it.

2. Spend More Time Walking Outdoors

It’s nice weather, go outside. A lot of local parks or nature trails are still open, check those out and enjoy some quality Vitamin D.

Staying indoors all the time is not good for you. And, walking does stimulate your brain. Even if you’re just doing a lap on around the local park, you’re still being more active than most people right now.

Try spending at least an hour in the sun (if possible), it’s good for you and gets your creative juices flowing.

3. Work More

Stocks, ETFs and other assets have all tanked. Even broad indexes like the Dow Jones or S&P 500 continue declining daily. This isn’t great, but it does provide some buying opportunities if you’re willing to dollar-cost average. If you have consistent income, you can allocate a portion of this to buy up long-term funds as they continue to sink.

The easiest way to do this is through having a career or side-business. If you can work a little bit harder to make sure you don’t get fired or demoted, you can use some of that extra cash to buy and hold quality assets.

In 1932, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at $64.53. By 1950, it closed at $216.28.

I’m no financial wizard, but I find it highly unlikely that the global economy will not improve within the next 15 – 20 years.

If you can make and invest some extra money during the downturn, do it.

Also, if you’re new to investing, I recommend either the Robinhood App (you get one free stock when you sign up through this referral link) or Charles Schwab (you get up to $500 in cash bonuses by using this exclusive referral link).

Charles Schwab Referral Bonus

(Your Charles Schwab Referral Bonus)

Personally, I like both platform as they each offer commission free trading. Robinhood is a little more streamlined (which is great for simple investing), while Charles Schwab offers a wider variety of asset choices (like mutual funds, bonds, and foreign stocks). But I think you’ll enjoy using either one.

4. Maintain Your Physique (At The Very Least)

Lifting While Locked Up

Gyms being closed is dumb. And expect to see a lot of previously fit people fall off the wagon forever. Working out at home is never the same, and doing tons and tons of body weight exercises gets repetitive and boring. Because of this, I would recommend getting at least some actual weights to play with.

Personally, I’m using an old set I bought secondhand in high school, and (while not ideal) it’s a thousand times better than doing push ups or burpees.

If you can’t get a bar and plates, pick up a dumbbell.

Pavel Tsatsouline (the guy who trains Navy SEALs and special forces operators) recommends dumbbell snatches as an excellent minimal fitness program:

Pavel Tsatsouline Kettlebell Routine

(From: The Russian Kettlebell Challenge)

Best part? Even if you workout too much, you can now just take a nap whenever because everyone is in quarantine and there are no more social obligations.

5. Start A Simple Business

The entire world is locked up at home, bored, and looking for entertainment. These are perfect conditions for making money online. You have a, literally, captive audience who just want to pass the time.

There are also plenty of free platforms to launch from (Medium, YouTube, and Twitter are all excellent choices).

Medium pays per reader and allows affiliate links, which is fantastic. And Twitter has unlimited stability plus a low barrier to entry. I’ve started building some new accounts following the LifeMathMoney guide, and get more impressions in a week than 30 Days To X did in its entire first year.

Since every one is locked up, there are plenty of opportunities for selling stuff and you can easily make an extra $300+ per month off your simple side business.

Plus, you’re at home anyway with plenty of time on your hands. There’s never been a better opportunity to get started.

Final Thoughts On Prospering While Locked Inside

The current crisis is a great time to test your mindset. Negative people and permabears are having panic attacks on a daily basis. Boring people with no personality are struggling to entertain themselves with YouTube and Netflix. And anyone truly looking to improve themselves now has all the time necessary to do so.

Right now there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for:

  • Improving your fitness.
  • Building a business.
  • Buying great companies at wonderful prices.
  • Reading, writing, and stimulating your creative mind.
  • Walking, introspection, and meditation.

Don’t squander it.

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So Donald Trump Locked You In Your House Indefinitely, What’s Your Next Move?