5 Back to School CNC Projects

 August has come again and with the end of the summer in sight, the perennial back-to-school mania has also returned. 

Which is great news for X-Carve owners looking for inspiration because we have some fantastic projects for just this time of year.

If you’re seeking inspiration for new projects to give the kids a leg up this coming school year, we’ve got the projects for you. Here are 5 back to school projects you can create on Easel and the X-Carve.

Wooden Laptop Stand

This wooden laptop stand comes to us courtesy of Warren from One Wood Woodworking Videos

Complete with its very own storage compartments, this elegant laptop stand is made from 18 different ¾” boards which have been glued together to create this fantastic piece that’s perfect for any teen starting middle school or high school.

Locker Organizer

Beyond Design’s first entry onto this list is a wall-mounted locker organizer.

It’s carved from a ½” HDPE sheet to create the shelf and pegboard while the top half is carved from ⅛” acrylic. This particular design allows you to mount a mirror to it or a white sheet of acrylic could be used as a miniature whiteboard. 

It’s a terrific piece for students returning to school or just a nifty key holder for your fridge or front door.

Backpack Hooks

The second back-to-school piece from Beyond Design are these nifty MDF backpack hooks.

Cut from four ⅜” color MDF sheets glued together, this design is a one size fits all and can hook onto any table top surface that’s between ½” and 1 ¾” thick.

Parametric Cubbies

This parametric circular cubby was created by WorkinWoods and it’s a fun design for desktop storage.

This piece was cut from ¼” MDF and it’s a perfect item for teachers and parents alike. You can put these kinds of joints to use for own projects; just be careful during assembly.

Pencil Case

Our final entry on this list is a travel-sized pencil case which comes to us, again, from Beyond Design.

The body of the case is made of polypropylene and was created by carving shallow parallel channels which allow the sheet to bend into a hexagon. The colored caps are carved from HDPE and hold the case together. 

It’s a unique and creative design that implements carving principles that you can use on your own designs.

Give the kids a head start this year on back to school. Check out these or other projects from Inventables’ extensive project library!

Source: inventables

5 Back to School CNC Projects