5 on a Friday: under the weather edition

1- I spent the week sort of ignoring that I’m sick, but I am and it’s annoying. I was determined not to let anything get in the way of my workout schedule (#upholder) but yesterday, on my day off that I had been waiting for . . . I totally ran out of gas.

And I still don’t feel great. I am exhausted from my nightly coughing fits. And I have a ton of work today.

GiantMicrobes are still the cutest!

And just for the record, there are MANY things on my weekly list that are not going to get done. I will just have to figure out where to migrate them to (and which ones can just be axed). I may be organized, but I am definitely not superhuman.

2- BRAS. In light of how I was feeling, I tabled my shopping trip and ordered some trials from Nordstrom. I used the size calculator (and also looked at the Reddit site) that Beth recommended, and it definitely gave a size that I do not currently own.

So, I ordered some in the recommended size in 3 brands (Chantelle, Natori, and Wacoal) and we’ll see what happens. I’m a bit skeptical, to be honest, but we will see!

I also ordered some various bottoms to try, and I am going to also look into the Aerie that was recommended. I love the idea of only having 2 colors and/or styles of bottoms (black & a neutral). Excited that my drawer (actually it’s more of a bin) is getting this long-overdue upgrade!

I decided to wait on sports bras for now because I do have two I like (one Lulu and one Rabbit).

3- On that note, now all of my allowance for January is spent, plus a little overdrawn for Feb (though I plan on returning some of the current haul so that should be fixed before the start of the month!). That’s a bit of a letdown!

Here’s a breakdown of my personal extravagances this month:

  • Rent the Runway gown rental for wedding we are attending this weekend ($79.50)
  • FOOD: one trip to Dairy Queen during a desperate moment, one Starbucks run, one Panera delivery order while super busy at work ($35.46). I guess it wasn’t the healthiest of months, either!
  • FOOD/SOCIAL: one drink/apps with a former coworker ($36.25 – I treated her), one lunch out with a blog reader (hi A!) ($26)
  • SOCKS: $3.90 (to be fair the rest of this cost was covered by a new podcast sponsor, so this was quite a deal)
  • MANI/PEDI: $45
  • LINGERIE HAUL TO TRY (some will be returned): ~$300

So there you go. I recognize that after admitting this I will never be recognized as a frugal/budget blogger. But I also have no regrets about these purchases, so there you go.

4- Josh and I will be attending a fancy family wedding this weekend (hence the RTR rental), so that will be fun. But admittedly I have a hard time looking forward to anything when I don’t feel physically well! HEALTH IS IMPORTANT.

5- Links!

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5 on a Friday: under the weather edition