5 Thoughts (Tips) on Program Design for Athletes

I love studying and talking program design.

But even more so, I LOVE Coaching.

You see, LOTS of books, articles, “influencers” can TALK about program design but can you COACH?

Can you COMMAND the room?

I want to share these 5 thoughts (maybe you will see them as tips, maybe not) regarding Strength & Conditioning.

If you’re hungry to learn, this is for you.

If you’re “good enough” or “too busy”, get back to searching for fads and gimmicks. Move along, nothing to see here, folks……

If you want more program design articles, use the search bar to your right and you’ll find MANY videos, articles and podcasts where I discuss program design.

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Live The Code 365,


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5 Thoughts (Tips) on Program Design for Athletes