Your company’s reputation helps to determine whether customers trust you or not. If you have a good reputation, you’re likely to win over customer’s trust easily, resulting in more sales. If you have a bad reputation, customers are less likely to choose you over competitors, which could lead to poor sales.

There are many ways in which you can boost your reputation. Here are just some of the top ways to become a more reputable company.

Pixabay. CCO Licensed.

Pixabay. CCO Licensed.

Encourage more positive customer reviews

A lot of us read customer reviews before buying a product or using a service. If other customers have had a good experience, there’s a greater chance that you too will have a good experience.

The best way to get customers to leave reviews is to ask - make sure to target happy customers so that you’re getting good reviews. If customers leave negative reviews, respond to these appropriately.

Build a social media following

A large social media following can help to make a company look well established. There are lots of ways to build a massive following.

Buying followers is the simplest way to build a following, but it is dishonest and frowned upon by most social media sites (many companies have bought followers only to lose them all after a few months). Inviting all your friends, family, employees, suppliers and loyal customers to follow you is a more effective strategy - this is a great way for new companies to quickly build up a following. This site impactplus.com suggests a few more ways to build a following.

Improve your company’s rankings

Ranking high on Google and Bing will also make your company look more established. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the best way to achieve this.

SEO involves using a variety of tactics to help boost a website page’s rankings. The best way to implement these tactics is to hire an SEO agency. This will ensure that your rankings stay high.

Get coverage from media outlets

Another thing that will boost the reputation of your company is media coverage. This could include news stories of company successes, interviews, professional reviews or even reports on studies that you may have made.

PR (public relations) agencies as found at sites like elitelawyermanagement.com can help you to achieve this coverage. Such agencies will have good relationships with media companies, which could help you to establish coverage.

Win a business award

Winning a business award could boost your reputation significantly. Not only will you be able to put a badge on your website (and possibly display a certificate within your premises) but you’ll also be able to refer to yourself as an award-winning company.

There are so many business awards out there that you can apply for. By entering yourself in as many award competitions as possible, you can maximise your chances of winning (even if you’re a small local business, there are still likely to be local awards that you can put yourself in the running for).