Review: Pro Mini Tool 22

Shimano’s Pro Mini Tool 22

Pro Brand Bike Gear is a division of Shimano offering a wide range of components and accessories. (they even make a travel bag – news to me). Looking to try the streamlined Pro Mini Tool 22, I requested one to try out. With 22 functions, Pro manages to pack a lot of punch into a small, streamlined package. 

While it doesn’t have the most memorable name, the Pro Mini Tool 22 has a nice small form factor that squeezes a ton of utility into a tool intended for on the trail use. Packing into an included storage case case, the tool breaks down into three units: a traditional folding tool, a chain tool that doubles as a tire lever and stores a mini spoke wrench that also handles Hex duties and other functions.

The main folding tool, chaintool/ tire lever and spoke wrench/ brake pad spreader.


  • Alloy body with chrome plated hex 2 / 2.5 / 3  / 4  / 5 / 6 / 8
  • PH2 screwdriver
  • Torx 10/26
  • Chain tool / tire lever
  • Brake Pad spreader
  • Chain holder
  • Spoke wrench 3.6 / 3.75 / 4.0 / 4.4

The Pro Mini Tool 22 in use. The engraved labels are a nice touch.

On the Trail

I’ve come nowhere near utilizing all 22 of the Pro Mini Tools Functions. I can’t remember the last time I’ve used a chain holder for example.. but then again, short of making one from a paper clip, I’ve never actually had one. It certainly could come in handy but I’ve never needed one for a chain repair, whether it was on the trail or in the garage. That said, the brake pad spread has proved useful, and has got me thinking I’ll actually add one to my shop as it is considerably nicer to use than a repurposed flat head screw driver.

I’m not crazy about the 8mm wrench; the narrow head seems at risk for getting stripped. Being extremely careful while using it is a good call, as it really is more of an emergency tool, whereas the rest of the folding tool feels hearty enough to use regularly. Fortunately it isn’t needed as often with the design of modern cranks.

That said, the Pro Mini Tool is optimized for use with Shimano components and drive trains. As we run Shimano across the board, its nice knowing we’re covered for all use cases.

The chain pin uses the multi-tool in place of the large handle found in shop level tools.

The chrome plating is a feature I can appreciate. Mini-tools will last you a long time, and my primary reasoning for replacing my older tools isn’t that they’re worn out but corroded. Years of putting packs and gear away wet will do that to any multi-tool, and lets face it – that’s what we do. The chrome plating should go a long way in delaying this eventuality.

In use, I found the Mini Tool 22 to be very usable. The tools are a bit longer than some of my other trail tools, which is nice. For a mini tool I found it comfortable in hand – for the most part. The spoke wrench can be hard to grip, but it gets the job done in a pinch. 

Using the spoke wrench

On the trail mini-tools are always a compromise between weight/ size and functionality/ durability. Pro has done a fine job of packing a lot of use and functionality into a every ride carry mini tool, and not only is it a great looking tool, but a relative joy to use. If you’re on the hunt for a new mini tool, its definitely worth taking a good look at.

The Pro Mini 22 sells for $45. Learn more at or buy one using our link on Amazon to support the site.


Disclaimer: As MTB coaches we receive product support from Shimano. This tool was sent to us at our request but we did not receive additional compensation.


Review: Pro Mini Tool 22