How Game Companies Are Accidentally Instigating the Console Wars

Next-gen gaming has become a massive phenomenon. With the recent release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, there has been a huge surge in fans who want a piece of what game companies have to offer. Fans also love to debate over which console is better in an argument dubbed the console wars. Game companies love to say that they don't condone the senseless arguments over which is better, but their business practices show that they may be accidentally fanning the flame.

While these companies want to have fans enjoy each console without arguing over which is better, there is a constant back and forth as they try to one-up one another. A prominent example was when the Xbox One was trying to charge players for games they borrowed from their friends. The intense backlash and the fact that Sony's PlayStation 4 wasn't doing that caused them to backtrack their statement. In the end, the choice only served to give people another reason to say Sony is better.

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The other major topic of the console wars has been exclusivity. When the PlayStation 5 was announced, it included a host of AAA exclusives. The Xbox Series X|S, not so much. Microsoft stated that they felt they didn't need exclusives to be successful, almost like a jab at Sony. While the Xbox exclusives are fantastic, it isn't enough for most gamers to see eye to eye on the consoles.

However, the exclusivity battle hasn't stopped there. Since the release of the latest consoles, Sony has really shown-up for its buyers and has delivered some fantastic games that aren't available anywhere else. Players have also noted that Microsoft's main exclusive, the newest Halo, didn't look so great during its demo and has since been delayed. The only company that has been out of the console wars has been Nintendo. The company had always managed to put out quality work and learned a long time ago to steer clear of the competition when it came to massive announcements.

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With Sony creating their own development studio, they have finally caught up to Microsoft in terms of having a place to put out original content. While the two gaming giants are on equal footing with studios, it is only a matter of time before the two try to see who can put out the best game, which will, in turn, create an even more intense feud.

With the newest console released, the real battle has been with hardware. The PlayStation 5 may be huge, but it offers some of the best graphics available and a controller that changes how gaming even feels. However, the Xbox Series X is the only console that features Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, the highest quality audio and visual out right now. It makes the choice between the two that much harder, but so far, neither company has tried to replicate what they introduced. However, that could always change.

At the end of the day, all of this is business. While these companies unintentionally start fan conflict over who is better, they also make strides towards unity. Even now, some titles are becoming capable of cross-play between the Xbox and PlayStation. It's a small step but an important one. Whether or not the timing was wrong, next-gen is here. Healthy competition is great, but the companies and the fans need to know that each console has a lot to offer and deserves to be enjoyed equally.

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How Game Companies Are Accidentally Instigating the Console Wars