#hearLDSwomen: My Priesthood Leader Commented on My Postpartum Body

When a high councilman commented on my body, once while pregnant and once postpartum, I was so shocked I just stood there. I guess I was silenced by the unexpectedness of it, and by the fact that he was in a position of authority over me. Now, I’d never let that fly. I wish I had said something like, “Excuse me, are you really commenting on my body? That makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.
– Kristen


About a year ago I was talking with my bishop in the hall and his counselor (a 60 year old married man) interrupted us to tell bishop that bishop’s sister was good looking and that bishop was homely. And the two of them totally objectified the sister while I was standing in the middle of the two of them. I was so taken off guard that I basically stood there with my mouth open while I waited for bishop to answer my question. I still wish I had said something to them. I was so glad to move right after that.
– Sarah


When I was single, I found that non-Mo guys took “no” for an answer a lot better than most of the RMs I dated.
– Anonymous


Pro Tip: Respect women’s autonomy. Don’t objectify women or comment on their bodies.

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“If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.” (Mark 4:23)

#hearLDSwomen: My Priesthood Leader Commented on My Postpartum Body