Friday T&A: Milkshakes Edition

Here we are at the end of another week - for some of you, a week of productive endeavour and happy days, and for others perhaps a week of yet more broken promises and cheap tricks by those you thought were trustworthy. That is the nature of the game, my friends; unless you establish yourself in such a way as to be secure and independent in your own right, you will be tossed from one side to another as a small boat in a storm.

And, of course, over the last few weeks we have seen plenty of abuse - more than plenty, in fact - thrown at those of us on the right by our ever-so-caring-and-sensitive friends on the Left, who are not above assaulting us with milkshakes, among other things, and kicking us off of every platform under the Sun for the supposed "crime" of thinking differently from them.

But, seeing as it is Friday, it is time to turn from philosophy and serious things to, well, decidedly more relaxed, and relaxing, pastimes. As always, your friend the Didact is here with yet another Instathot to get the weekend off to the right start.

Her name is Noel Leon, and she's known for exactly one thing.

Well - two things. Two very obvious things.

Beyond that, I have absolutely no bloody clue who this girl. I do know that she REALLY likes to show off her assets, so I'll cut her a lot of slack because of that. I'm sure she is a very nice girl and all, but it's a bit difficult to look her in the eyes and see for sure.

And yes, let's just say that the title of this post is something of a pun, which those of you who remember that horrible song from the mid-2000s by... umm... well, you know the one. I don't listen to rap or hip-hop, since I do not consider these things to be "music" in any recognisable form, but if that floats your boat, hey, that's on you.

Happy Friday, chaps. The usual advice applies - eat, sleep, lift, drink, repeat, and try not to be hungover by Monday.

Source: didactsreach

Friday T&A: Milkshakes Edition