Minted Artists In The Press – February 2020

Congratulations to Minted artists who were featured on The TODAY Show, Yahoo!, Born This Way Foundation Instagram, Parade Magazine, Leigh Allyn Baker’s Instagram, The Knot Magazine, and HGTV Magazine. Join the fun of spotting Minted artists in the press by uploading PR clips on your social media with the hashtag #mintiespotting.

Yahoo! (February 7th, 2020) “Limor Suss – Valentine’s Day” featuring classroom valentinesYeti or Not” by Karidy Walker, “I Dig You” by Krissy Bengston, “Great Tiger” by Alethea and Ruth, “Photo Fun” by Jessie Steury, “PopTarts” by Christie Garcia, “Too Old For This” by Gwen Bedat, and “Geometric Lion” by Genna Cowsert. Greeting CardsBaby Stripe” by Katharine Watson, “XOXO” by Michelle Taylor, and “Hot Stuff” by Four Wet Feet Studio. Valentine’s Day CardsX’s and O’s” by Paula Pecevich, “Love Sprinkle” by Catherine Culvenor, “Modern Heart” by Up Up Creative, and “Love Wishes” by Ana Sharpe


Born This Way Foundation Instagram (February 14th, 2020) featuring greeting cards “Loveasaurus Rex” by Karidy Walker,  “We Really Dig You” by Alethea and Ruth, “Heart Exclamation Point” by Alexandra Cohn, “Heartfelt Heart” by Carolyn MacLaren abd “Happy Heart Of Gold” by Baumbirdy


The TODAY Show (February 10th, 2020) “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts” featuring photo art gifts “Love You, Love” by Seven Swans, “Surrounded” by Kate Ross, and “Hugs and Kisses” by Carolina Carezis


Leigh Allyn Baker Instagram (February 14th, 2020) featuring classroom valentines “Yeti or Not” by Karidy Walker and “S’More Fun” by Sarah Brown


Parade Magazine (February 9th, 2020) “Sweetheart Gifts” featuring “Painted Venice Cityscape” limited edition art by Oana Prints


The Knot (Spring 2020) “The Wedding Vision” featuring “Tropical Love” wedding invitations by Elly


HGTV Magazine (March 2020) “In The Kitchen” featuring “Kaleidoscope No. 1” mitt by Hooray Creative


Minted Artists In The Press – February 2020