6 Tips for Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress for a Summer Wedding

Summer is the best season to have a wedding, and that is why most people prefer it. I mean the weather is warm such that you don’t need to rock heavy clothes, and there are more options of where you can have a wedding most, especially outdoors. The trick comes when choosing bridesmaid dresses that they love and feel comfortable in. 

Choosing bridesmaid dresses is one of the best moments for the bride and her girls as the girls in those beautiful colorful dresses complement the wedding theme. However, it is essential to choose dresses that your girls will be comfortable in, look sexy in, and not make them feel like melting while in. 

To make your buying process more accessible, we have compiled tips that will help you choose the best bridesmaid dresses for a summer wedding.

1. Let the dresses complement the wedding theme

You should also consider your wedding theme as you research different bridesmaid dress designs online. Not only does this make the wedding look great, but it makes the shopping more manageable as you have a color or style in mind to work with. 

For example, what kind of floral arrangements do you plan to have in your wedding, what color of table clothes are you working with, and what are the primary colors you want for your wedding? 

You will search for dress ideas and colors that match your wedding theme with such sentiments. Summer wedding gives plenty of bridesmaid ideas such that you can explore different styles and bright colors as the weathers are favorable.

2. Depends on Where The Wedding Will Be Held

Are you planning for a chapel or garden wedding, or better yet, do you prefer an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding at the beach? The location where the wedding will be held helps play a huge role when choosing bridesmaid dresses. 

For example, if you want your wedding to be held at the beach, Cicinia Knee-length bridesmaid dresses would be a great choice because who wants to walk in the sand dragging their gown when walking down the aisle! 

Also, such design complements the surroundings as they are pretty comfortable.

If the wedding is held at a chapel, you may avoid dresses with huge cutouts to make sure your girls are decent and look presentable in church.

A garden wedding is just like a beach wedding where you have an option to explore different colors and designs. However, with a garden wedding, you can opt for gowns for your bridesmaids’ dresses as they are more comfortable walking within such surroundings.

It would be best if you gauged how temperatures are while in there for the indoors. If it is a bit cold, you may need to consider dresses with sleeves, so your bridesmaids don’t freeze.

3. Consider the Bridesmaids Taste

Bridesmaids are special people in a bride’s life. They are not people you hire to help you walk down the aisle. These are your sisters, friends, or in-laws, and so, they have a say when shopping for their dresses. Yes, you have the final say on the colors of the dresses, but it is good to allow them to choose their patterns and styles. 

This is something most brides do, whereby they choose a theme color and fabric for bridesmaid dresses and then come up with three different styles for girls to choose the one they would like. Please do the same, and considering it is summer and a bit warmer, so choose a fabric that is not too thick, and the style should be comfortable for the season. 

If you don’t have an idea of dress styles for your girls, you can check out Cicinia UK bridesmaid dresses, for example. They sell bridesmaid dresses based on colors, styles, and even fabrics. You can ask for a guide as well, depending on your wedding style and location.

4. Ensure the Dresses Flatter Their Bodies

This is another crucial area that most brides fail when choosing bridesmaids’ dresses. As you select the dresses, it is good to ask yourself if they flatter your girl’s figure. Your lineup will not have girls in the same body type and size. 

Some will be thin, slim, plus size, and bearing varying body shapes. Therefore, as you choose beautiful dresses that blend your wedding, let the dresses you choose flatter your bridesmaid’s bodies too. 

Bridesmaid Dress for a Summer Wedding

Ensure the dresses flatter their bodies. Photo by Kayla Renee on Pexels.com

5. A Budget is Crucial

Planning a wedding is financially draining on its own, and the last thing you need is to have super high budgets for buying bridesmaids’ dresses. Therefore, have a budget in mind of how much you will be spending on the dresses, and then use the funding to shop around. 

Even if your bridesmaids buy dresses for themselves, you need to consider their budget. If you are on a tight budget, go for simple styles. Simple styles are timeless, and you can get them at affordable rates on various bride shopping sites. As long as the dresses will flatter your bridesmaids, complement your wedding and look great, then you will be good to go.

6. Shop From One Source

It is usually cheaper and easier to shop for dresses from a single brand instead of shopping from different sources. Also, you may get nice discounts when you buy the dresses from a single supplier than when you buy from several suppliers. Just research and choose a supplier with styles you like and which has the right price range.


Bridesmaid dresses shopping is fun and one of the most memorable events for a bride and her friends/ family. If you want to get the best experience and have an easy time shopping, use the above tips to help you. 

Ask for help, most especially from your bridesmaids when shopping for the dresses, as they can help with styles and sizes that will fit them. Find a suitable bridesmaid dress brand and buy from them as it is cheaper and more convenient buying from a single source. Find a proper venue and ensure the room’s decor is vibrant to match the dresses and gown.

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6 Tips for Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress for a Summer Wedding