The Second Coming is being Televised

First Look Review of Punk Rock Jesus #1

Conception by Sean Murphy. Published by Vertigo Comics, 2012.

This was an interesting read that I’m not sure how I feel about except that I enjoyed the ride.

Yes, this is controversial…yes this is questionably sacrilegious…yes this has plenty of morality issues, but I think Sean Murphy does a great job setting up a world much like our own that makes us question the nature of religion, science, and reality TV.

We start out in Ireland with an intense scene that winds up with a child survivor and a determination for revenge. Sure, many comics start out this way, but not many then go on to the hype for a new science reality TV show.

Yup, science is so grand that we’re now creating television shows about it. And not just any form of science, but cloning. The Ophis corporation, who’s been funding lots of research, has recently made a deal with the Catholic Church for access to the Shroud of Turin. And they’re gonna make a clone of Jesus Christ.

Of course all hell breaks loose and there are organizations for and against the whole thing, even groups that are quite violent. A virgin is chosen to carry the baby to term and it’ll all culminate in a spectacular Christmas Day in 2019. Yeah, somehow I’m reading this comic from 2012 during the same year the events take place.

The art in this comic is gorgeous and since it’s in black and white it lends itself to more of a newsy feel. I really dug it. Along with the art, the story sets up an interesting world I want to keep finding out more about. The characters are well sketched out and what ends up happening on Christmas Day is a great twist.

I really enjoyed this comic and rate it a A. Go check this out.

This comic can be found on Comixology or at your local comic book shop.

Comic Corner | First Look Review of Punk Rock Jesus #1

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The Second Coming is being Televised