Summer in Rome: $413 from New York, $540 Main Cabin

Summer 2020 deals keep popping up this month for those planning ahead. This time it’s to Rome from New York JFK, through American Airlines and British Airways, or United and Air Canada. Week-long trips in July are available from $413 round trip, several hundred dollars below typical summer prices. Winter and spring trips can be found from $265, and while I’ll post more about those shortly, the summer prices are quite a deal.

Not that this is the basic economy fare, but main cabin is pricing from just $540. Booking these fares is interesting. United/Air Canada have the lowest basic economy fare by a few bucks at $413 leaving from Newark (EWR); AA/BA are slightly higher from Newark ($417) or New York JFK ($420). But American and British Air have the cheapest main cabin at $540 to UA/AC’s $553. Your choice probably comes down to which airport is most convenient.

I’d expect these prices to stick around a couple of days before disappearing, but there’s never a guarantee. So book now if these flights work for you.

Sample Route

  • Departure: Newark EWR
  • Stops: London Heathrow
  • Arrival: Rome

How to Book

  • Follow link for sample dates or search your favorite OTA / Google Flights for departure and destination

Travel Dates

  • July 2020
  • 7 day stay required

Where to Stay in Rome

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Things to Do in Rome

Good luck and happy flying!

Summer in Rome: $413 from New York, $540 Main Cabin