Mary Ann Wesolowski


Mary Ann Wesolowski, age 13, was last seen in Glens Falls, New York on August 8, 1971.

Mary Ann had gone to Haviland Cove Beach to swim with her brother and a female friend earlier in the day.  While there, Mary Ann and her brother reportedly witnessed their mother’s boyfriend, Chuck, at the beach with another woman.

The children returned home, and told their mother what they had seen.  Their mother sent Mary Ann back to the beach to tell Chuck to come home.  She was last seen near the intersection of Hudson Ave. and Spring St. She was never seen again.

Following her disappearance, her mother found a note that read “I’m leaving. I might miss you.”  She’d also written a letter to her sister, stating that she hated Glens Falls and couldn’t wait for summer to start. The letter was never mailed, and was found at her home.  It’s unclear when the letter was written, but her family has guessed it was a few months prior to her disappearance.  The fact that she’d mentioned waiting for summer to start led them to believe it was written earlier in the 1971, since they’d only moved to Glens Falls in 1970 following their parents divorce.

Other reports state that Mary Ann had left the beach to go to a nearby sandwich shop and never made it there.

I’m really not quite sure which is correct, as each account was given to the media by a different one of her brothers, both of whom were under 10 years old at the time she disappeared.

The police looked at Kenneth Yarter as a possible person of interest in her disappearance, but could never find anything to link him to it.  Yarter was charged with the murder of 16 year old Susan Zanta in 1974, a crime he confessed to, but he later claimed the confession was coerced.  Zanta was abducted and killed while vacationing in Argyle, New York.  He is now in a Florida prison serving time for the 1991 abduction and rape of two teenage girls.

The biggest reason Yarter was looked at was that he worked at a restaurant very near the sandwich shop that Mary Ann was supposed to be headed to.   He also told an off duty police officer in Florida that he’d gotten away with a murder in New York.  I’d guess that statement was in reference to Zanta, and not Mary Ann, since the charges in Zanta’s case were dropped.

Some of Mary Ann’s siblings believe she left of her own accord and is still alive.  While both brothers point to the note saying she was leaving as a reason for this belief, one brother also added that there were a lot of problems at home, and that moving spontaneously is a familial trait.  I hope she can be found safe.



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Mary Ann Wesolowski