A Funny Thing Happened When Buying a Pair of Boots!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love cowboy boots. My infatuation came several years ago when I bought my first pair in Colorado. After that, I waited a long time to buy my next pair, which was in Austin at Heritage Boots.

At first glance

I was with my son. He was living in Orlando and I had a conference in Austin, so he met me there. As we were walking around the main part of town, we stumbled into Heritage Boots. (I had been to Heritage Boots once before when I went to SXSW with one of my former employees.)

The boots were gorgeous there. The inlays were magnificent. My heart raced just looking at them. I was going to buy them but they were expensive. “Mom, don’t get them,” my son said, “they are out of budget.”

We walked around and I couldn’t get those boots out of my head. So, I went back and bought them.

During the Pandemic

During this pandemic, Heritage shut down and started to have Facebook live events with 20 – 50% off all of their boots. I was thrilled. At first, I bought one pair but then at the end of this, I bought 5 pairs, all with retirement money!

Ok, I know it wasn’t the most rational thing to do but I absolutely love them. Each one is unique and has personality.

But, I’m not the only one who is obsessed. While on a Facebook live watching the owners show off their boots, I see a woman named Jodi K messaging. She was from Long Island. I texted my friend Jodi immediately and asked if that were her? Of course, it was… Such a strange world that two women from Long Island were bidding on Austin, Texas boots!

What happened next?

So, I bought my last pair, a brown pair the other day. I was psyched to receive. When the box came it was particularly heavy. “I wonder if they shipped me the wrong pair of boots,” I thought. I opened the box. On one side were my new brown boots and the other side a heavy box. I opened it and found a wonderful note that said, “this is from Jodi K.”

Jodi bought me a box filled with boot care brushes, lotions, and more. I was so surprised. It put a big smile on my face.

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A Funny Thing Happened When Buying a Pair of Boots!