Easy Cheesy Keto Lunch Ideas

Cheese is a food in a league of its own. Cheese can spruce up many keto dishes, and there are plenty of different types of cheeses to choose from. Are you more of a goat’s cheese fan or feta or cheddar? Most cheeses are higher in fat and lower in carbs, making them a tasty keto-friendly food choice. Improve your mornings with these easy cheesy keto lunch recipes:


1.   Chaffles and CheezIts!

These 9-minute keto cheesy cheezits are a hit! You won’t believe how 2, simple ingredients can transform into irresistible cheezits! Chaffles are also popular in the keto world. Try this cheesy 12-minute chaffles recipe!

  • keto cheez its
  • keto chaffles

2.   Mac ‘n’ Cheese!

Who doesn’t love mac ‘n’ cheese? Sadly, most commercial mac ‘n’ cheeses come with way too many carbs. Check out these low-carb mac ‘n’ cheese recipes to crush your cravings:

  • keto cauliflower mac n cheese
  • keto mac n cheese

3.   Cheese Sticks!

Why not try cheese sticks for brunch? If you love mozzarella, you’re sure to love these keto mozzarella sticks. With 22 minutes and flavorsome ingredients like mozzarella cheese, coconut flour, garlic powder, and onion powder, you’ll soon feel like you’re a kid again, back in your favorite pizza place. You might also enjoy this 25-minute keto broccoli cheese stick bread.

  • keto mozzarella sticks
  • broccoli cheese bread sticks

4.   Sandwiches and Quesadillas

Don’t say goodbye to cheesy quesadillas and sandwiches just because you’re keto. Say hello to these appetizing low-carb sandwich and quesadilla recipes:

  • keto tuna melt
  • Keto Taco Salad with tortilla
  • keto Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • vegetarian keto quesadilla

5.   Cheesy Stuffed Chicken and Peppers

Take chicken, peppers, or mushrooms to the next level by stuffing them with cheesy goodness! Chow down on a 30-minute keto cheesy spinach-stuffed chicken or Philly cheesesteak keto stuffed peppers! Step up your mushroom game with this unique recipe for keto stuffed mushroom caps!

  • cheesy stuffed spinach chicken
  • keto stuffed peppers
  • keto stuffed mushrooms

What’s Your Preferred Cheesy Keto Lunch Recipes?

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Easy Cheesy Keto Lunch Ideas