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You’ve probably heard of kombucha … But have you ever heard of jun kombucha? 

That’s our specialty at Wild Tonic — an exotic fermented drink infused with organic tea, honey, fruits, and botanicals. Lightly sweet and highly refreshing, this healthy beverage is naturally gluten-free, loaded with antioxidants, and contains over 1 billion probiotics per serving. 

Are you a fan of ferments? If so, jun kombucha is a must-try. Ready to get to know the beverage that many call “the champagne of kombucha”? Read on to learn more about Wild Tonic’s unique creations.

What is Jun? 

You could think of jun as kombucha’s exotic cousin. 

Like kombucha, jun is a fermented tea beverage made with a culture called a SCOBY (that stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast — and now you understand why most people use an acronym.) But there are some important differences between the two beverages, too.

For one, kombucha is made using cane sugar; jun is made using honey. 

This doesn’t just affect the finished flavor — it changes the whole fermentation process. Honey’s natural antimicrobial properties are uniquely adapted to work with the SCOBY and cultivate all sorts of good bacteria. 

The resulting beverage is both prebiotic and probiotic —  as opposed to kombucha, which is only probiotic. Prebiotics help probiotics do their job, so you get added health benefits! 

But the main difference you’ll notice is the distinct flavor difference. Jun’s honey fermentation makes for a smoother drinking experience, with less of an acidic vinegar undertone than the typical kombucha.

About Wild Tonic 

Wild Tonic’s story involves art, innovation, intrigue … and bees.  

For years, visual artist Holly Lyman worked in encaustic, an artistic style / medium involving adding colored pigments to melted beeswax. The resulting art has a truly unique texture and layered look. 

But over the years, her curiosity led her toward different artistic pursuits— including making her own jun. Yes — a very different form of art, but still quite connected to bees! 

Her creative concoctions were extremely well-received, and eventually the product came to market as Wild Tonic. Today, our products are instantly recognizable thanks to our gorgeously designed labels and distinct vibrant blue bottles. 

The company has grown a lot over the years, but what has remained constant is a spirit of creativity and innovation. 

At Wild Tonic, we don’t just want to bring jun to a wider audience — we want to make the world a better place. We’re a community-oriented company, and we’re committed to bringing awareness to bee conservation. 

Health, joy, and vitality that unites people — that’s our mission!  

Wild Tonic Products

At Wild Tonic, we offer our beverages in three categories: non-alcoholic, 5.6% ABV, and 7.6% ABV. 

Our non-alcoholic jun kombucha is fermented purely with honey; our alcohol line incorporates both honey and organic golden cane sugar to increase alcohol levels while maintaining the clean, smooth flavor profile. Get the buzz without the sting! 

Regardless of alcohol or lack thereof, each of our varieties are hand-crafted with organic fruit juice, herbs, and botanicals.

Within our three categories, you can choose from these tantalizing flavors:

Non-Alcoholic Jun Kombucha Flavors

  • Blackberry Mint
  • Blueberry Basil
  • Chai Pear
  • Lavender Love
  • Mango Ginger
  • Raspberry Goji Rose
  • Rosemary Lemon
  • Tropical Turmeric

5.6% ABV Hard Jun Kombucha Flavors

  • Blackberry Mint
  • Hoppy Buzz
  • Mango Ginger
  • Raspberry Goji Rose
  • Tropical Turmeric

7.6% ABV Hard Jun Kombucha Flavors

  • Backwoods Bliss
  • Dancing Naked®
  • Mind Spank®
  • Wild Love®

All of our ready-to-drink beverages are a delight all on their own, but they’re also great in cocktails!

To help inspire your culinary creativity, we’ve created a number of delicious cocktail recipes made using our jun kombucha products. Check out our Mixology page to find recipes for cocktails including a Tropical Turmeric Margarita, Raspberry Goji Rose Sangria, and a Blueberry Basil Gin and Tonic.

Where to Buy 

Feeling thirsty? Happily, Wild Tonic is readily available across the nation! 

Wild Tonic products can be found at grocery stores, gourmet shops, and liquor stores nationwide. To find the store nearest you, check out our Where to Find Us page.  

Let’s Bee Friends! 

At Wild Tonic, we’re awfully pleased to make your acquaintance. We hope that in reading our story and learning more about our products, you’ve gotten a better idea of who we are and what makes us tick. Oh, and we hope you’ll give our jun kombucha a try! 

Hey, wanna keep in touch? Find us on social media: 

Instagram: @drinkwildtonic

Facebook: Wild Tonic

Twitter: @DrinkWildTonic 


Have you tried Wild Tonic products yet? What’s your favorite flavor?

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Get to Know Wild Tonic