7 Best YouTube Alternatives | Websites like YouTube to Stream Videos

Love watching videos on YouTube? We do too!  And if you can’t imagine a world without YouTube, we get you. Launched in 2005, as the largest video hosting platform in the world, YouTube currently has over 2 Billion active users! With such a huge user base, the platform also doubles as the second most popular social media platform, and even the second largest search engine—only next to Google itself.

Unfortunately, even though you’d think watching videos on YouTube wouldn’t endanger your privacy a lot, that’s not the case. Back in September 2019, just a couple of years ago, Google had to pay a $170 million fine and was asked to make changes to its privacy policy because of claims that YouTube has gathered personal data from younger users and used it for targeted ads and other remarketing purposes.

Because of issues like this, among other reasons, several countries banned YouTube, restricting people from consuming and uploading content. If you live in one of these countries and are interested in unblocking the site, good VPN services could help unblock these sites while maintaining your anonymity online.

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YouTube Alternatives | Sites like YouTube to watch videos

Still don’t feel like watching YouTube? We’ve shortlisted seven sites that may be worth your time when it comes to watching videos online.

But first, a word of caution; even though these sites are some of the best alternatives to YouTube, the safety of your personal data and information is first and foremost, your responsibility. To make sure that you don’t get into trouble online, or worse, fall into a hacking trap, try to stay as anonymous as possible—which again, is something a VPN could easily help with.

Now, let’s take a look at those alternatives.


Everyone has a Facebook account! Love scrolling through your newsfeed, liking and commenting on things your friends post? Hard to imagine someone who doesn’t.

Launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg, there are very few people in the world who haven’t heard of Facebook. No stranger to the entertainment and educational fields, Facebook hosts several different types of content ranging from text, image, and yes you guessed it—even video.

In fact, because of the multiple forms of content and the high scalability options, many content creators have actually turned to Facebook to host their video content, making it a great YouTube alternative to turn to.

It’s worthwhile to say here that even though Facebook is a great alternative to YouTube, it does collect your personal data, so, if data is why you’re looking for YouTube alternatives, this might not be the best option for you. Let’s move on.

Is Facebook blocked in your country? Follow this guide to unblock Facebook.


A video platform much similar to YouTube, Dailymotion is the entertainment hub for over 112 million users every single month. Some of its users even prefer it over YouTube, while others only use it as an alternative to the bigger platform in case of country bans.

Nonetheless, Dailymotion has a simple, easy-to-use interface, an efficient search bar, and content categories that are similar to YouTube. The platform lets its users upload videos that are up to 4GBs in size, and have a resolution of 1080p. In comparison, YouTube often compresses the videos, which in turn affects its resolution.

The only downside to Dailymotion is that videos can’t exceed 20 minutes in length. Visit Dailymotion here.

But what if Dailymotion is blocked where you live?

Don’t worry! We got your back. Here’s how to unblock it.


Twitch is another popular video platform that can be taken as an alternative to YouTube. This platform is especially popular among gamers for the reason that it allows users to live stream their gameplay as well as upload the recording.

Not only that, but the site also doubles as a social media platform for gamers where users can comment on each other’s videos, share gaming strategies, and offer advice.

Get started with Twitch here.


If you’re looking for HD videos that won’t bug you with those annoying ads, Vimeo is for you. Founded by filmmakers, it is the go-to for many videographers, content creators, and even photographers.

Apart from that, because of the excellent video quality, Vimeo is also pretty popular with musicians, singers, actors, and even ad agencies for creating high-quality video advertisements. Another attractive feature that Vimeo comes with is its built-in community that lets users comment and interact with each other’s videos.

Try Vimeo here.


A digital haven for people who love watching TV shows and dramas, Netflix is a brilliant YouTube alternative for when you’re looking for longer videos (we’re talking 30 minutes to several hours)

The good side to Netflix is that you’ll find most shows and movies in HD quality and you can enjoy them without getting bothered by Ads. The downside, however, is that if you’re looking for random cute dog videos to brighten up your day, Netflix might not be for you.

Another important thing to note when it comes to Netflix is that it isn’t free, and you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee if you want to use it. Interested? Get started here.

Can’t access all your favorite shows on Netflix? Follow this guide so you don’t miss out on anything.

Amazon Prime

Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime is another paid platform if you’re looking for long-form video content like series, movies, or documentaries. Along with series and documentaries, Amazon Prime also hosts a whole collection of original shows that you won’t find anywhere else.

Want to try Amazon Prime? Start your free trial today. Want to be able to Amazon Prime from anywhere in the world? Here’s how to do just that.


If you’re looking for a YouTube alternative for a younger audience, there’s no going wrong with Disney+. Designed to be a place where fairytales truly make sense, Disney+ hosts a variety of Disney-owned magical shows and movies that will keep kids, tweens, and teens (and even adults!) entertained—in only $7 per month.

Live in Europe and want to watch Disney+? We don’t want your kids to miss out on all the beautiful fairytales. Here’s something that will help.

Best YouTube Alternatives for content creators in 2021

We get it, YouTube can be a little overwhelming for new content creators because of its over-saturation. This results in new creators not getting the kind of exposure that will help them grow. In this case, it’s best to start at other platforms and slowly grow into YouTube.

If you’re contemplating where to start, here are some platforms that help will you steal the spotlight and growth-hack much faster.


Nebula is a paid video application that was created by YouTube stars CGP Grey and Phillip Dettmer. The app was created to let new content creators test out their content and feedback from a smaller, much more focused audience before uploading it to the giant network.

If you’re a creator who’s just starting out, Nebula is a great place to try out the lifestyle and see if it’s a good fit for you. Testing content on Nebula will also tell you if there’s anything you need to add or remove from your videos to make them perform better.

Want to try out Nebula? Start here.


Let’s face it, YouTube has a LOT of rules and risks that could get you demonetized any minute if you don’t follow them. If you’re a new creator and just want to test out your content on a platform that won’t pose these risks, try Lbry.tv.

Lbry is a free and open-source protocol that lets users upload content without the risk of censorship. Developed by the creators of blockchain technology, the platform aims to do for content what ‘bitcoin did to money.’

A really fun feature that the platform introduced is syncing your Lbry network with your YouTube channel. This classy feature gets every video you post to YouTube, directly uploaded to your Lbry network.

The only requirement for being able to use this feature is to have at least 300 YouTube subscribers.


StoryFire is another interesting platform that was created by Brian Spitz, a writer, and director, and Jesse Ridgway, a top YouTube creator boasting over a billion views. The platform was created so that viewers can share and read stories, as well as upload and watch videos.

The unique app focused on ‘group storytelling’ in the form of text and videos, making it the perfect place to start for creative content creators that have a compelling story to tell. Even though the app is free to download and use, there are in-app purchases that require ‘Blaze’; the app’s very own currency that users can earn by watching ads, sharing content, and other activities.

Want to get started creating your own story on StoryFire? Visit here!


Do you love making videos and taking pictures and want to immortalize all your beautiful moments? Odysee is the perfect YouTube alternative for you in that case. A platform that serves as a library of memories, Odysee lets you not only save your pictures and videos but also share them with people.

The site was created by the team behind Lbry—the blockchain protocol. Even though Lbry lets anyone upload videos to the platform without the risk of getting demonetized, or banned, Odysee restricts content uploads according to a list of community guidelines.

Want to try out Odysee? Here’s the link!


Brightcove is an Emmy award-winning video hosting platform that can be used by new content creators and even companies to give their brands a powerful personality. The platform is highly recommended for creators and companies that offer courses.

The platform also makes sure to give you complete analytics for your videos to see how they are performing and being received by your audience. Looking to give Brightcove a shot? Check it out here.

Apps Similar to YouTube – YouTube app alternatives

Addicted to your phone and looking for alternatives to YouTube that you can visit while you’re tucked nicely in your bed? We’ve got just the list for you! Without beating around the bush too much, here we go.


Just like YouTube, you can download Dailymotion on your phone and watch videos on the go. Whether you have nothing to do on the bus ride back home, or just want to watch something curled up in your blanket, this app won’t let you get bored.


Like listening to music just before you doze off? Catch the videos too with Vimeo. As an app that you can download on both Android and iOS, Vimeo will give you the full musical experience with its collection of music videos (among others, of course)


Have a passion for games like CS Go and Cyberpunk 2077? Catch gameplays by your favorite pro gamers right on your cellphone with the Twitch.tv mobile application.


A purely phone-based platform, Instagram is so much more than just an app where you share aesthetic pictures. With the introduction of IGTV, you can also upload and watch interesting videos on the app.


Plex is a free application that lets you watch live shows from over 80 channels and is a great alternative for YouTube if you’re looking to watch movies, TV shows, and news, or even podcasts.

Looking for more? The app also lets you create your very own media library by uploading your media to it.

Where is YouTube banned and how to access it

As of September 2012, countries that had banned YouTube were China, Iran, Syria, and Turkmenistan. Additionally, because of various disputes between GEMA and YouTube, there are several videos are that can’t be accessed in Germany.

If you live in one of these countries and want to access YouTube, here’s something worth considering: try using a VPN service to remain anonymous online. A high-quality VPN service will help you unblock sites that have been blocked by your government, including YouTube, if it’s one of them.

Not only that, a VPN service will make sure that your online activity cannot be traced back to you, hence keeping you and your personal data safe from hackers and companies looking to use your data for targeted ads and other marketing campaigns.


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7 Best YouTube Alternatives | Websites like YouTube to Stream Videos