Copenhagen Street Style Is Full of Great Accessory Ideas

TGFCSS, am I right? (That’s “Thank Goodness for Copenhagen Street Style,” for those of you who can’t or choose not to read the mind of an iced matcha-addled writer.) Just when you thought you’d exhausted all your summer style ideas, just when you were about to shrug your shoulders and stick them through the arm-holes of a tank top for the rest of August, just when you were on the verge of getting cynical about the amount of sweat your beautiful body has produced in the last week alone, the Copenhagen show-goers swoop in with the renewing spirit of a thousand albatrosses, bringing fresh outfit ideas to life.

This season, in reviewing the fruits of their flight pattern, I was reminded of something seemingly obvious: When in doubt (and by “doubt,” I mean the feeling of consternation regarding your desire to stay cool and your desire to spice up an ensemble), accessories are your friend. It’s seemingly obvious, but not actually in this case, because the accessories I spotted on the streets of Copenhagen were not your average summer accoutrements. Scroll down to see some highlights, and then click through the slideshow so we can discuss our favorite looks in the comments.

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1. Instead of a Baseball Cap, How About a Head Scarf?

Sometimes you just need your hair OUT OF YOUR FACE (capital letters extremely necessary) in the summer, I get it, I really do. This is one of those rare utilitarian necessities that actually begets a fun stylistic opportunity: putting something on your head. A baseball cap will do the trick, but why not consider a head scarf tied under your chin like the inimitable Jackie O.? It will impede any hair wisps from making contact with your precious forehead, and it will make you look like the chicest specimen this side of Capri.

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2. Instead of One Bag, How About Two?

Extra baggage gets a bad rap. While I totally understand the appeal of traveling light, carrying two bags that mirror each other in a way that perfectly complements your outfit transforms them from practical, wallet-carrying vehicles into aesthetic statement pieces. The best part is that you can fill the extra one with whatever you want, including but not limited to: massage sandals, crossword puzzles, and cotton candy grapes.

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3. Instead of a Cocktail Ring, How About Cocktail Gloves?

Who decided that gloves were limited to winter outings! Here is a perfect demonstration of how, with the right shade of pale pistachio, they can perfectly complement a summer frock. I love how they’re tucked over a white button-down, a subtle style twist that could conceivably be used with any light blouse. It’s an ingenious bit of warm-weather-appropriate layering, no cable-knit sweater required.

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4. Instead of Gold Chains, How About Some Cowrie Shells?

I’ll admit I’m a serial gold chain gal in the summertime. They beckon me every time I put on a white tank or a floral dress. But as I recently discovered when styling this story about the biggest style trend of summer 2019, and reacquainted myself with once again whilst combing through Copenhagen street style, cowrie shells are a truly delightful (and slightly less expected) alternative.

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5. Instead of a Bucket Hat, How About a Tiny Straw Topper?

Bucket hats have certainly had their day in the sun, literally and figuratively. If you’re hungry for something similar but different at the same time, why not try a tiny straw topper, otherwise known as a dapper ribbon-trimmed sun hat? I cherish the idea of wearing one with baggy, oversized jeans to contrast its innate ladylike-ness, but I also wouldn’t say no to a swimsuit-and-nothing-else combination. TGFCSS, indeed.

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Which look was your fave?

Photography by Matthew Sperzel.

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Copenhagen Street Style Is Full of Great Accessory Ideas