SK Effects of Caffeine - SAL Update 3

906 stitches were added to my Heaven and Earth Designs Storykeep Effects of Caffeine cross-stitch since my February 3rd update. (You may see the artwork this piece is based upon here.)

As this is my lunch time project, my goal is only 100 stitches a week; so, I am thrilled with the progress. It is SO close to a page finish that I have been putting some evening and weekend time into it, too. 

I will be honest, the golds and reds make the title difficult to decipher when stitched. There are other Randal Spangler storykeep projects with books in different colors that are easier to read when stitched. So far, this one reads:


It is a bit easier to read when viewed at an angle.

Page 1 should be completed by our next SAL update on March 17th. The dragon begins on the bottom of page 2, so I am quite motivated work on this piece! I just love Randal Spangler's artwork.

This is how the piece looked on February 3rd.

February 4th - 23rd: Stitched 16 days for a total of 8.58 hours.

6,391 of 23,660 stitches are complete. 

The project is 27.01% complete. (It was 23.2%.)

Page 1 is 98.62% complete. (It was 86.15%.)

Page 2 is 1.77% complete.

In my last post, several of you asked how I track my progress. I am afraid I am a bit of a nerd. I like numbers and spreadsheets. So, before I begin a full coverage chart, I create a spreadsheet. There is a column for each page with the number of stitches in each 10x10 grid. At the top of the column, I include the date and the time spent stitching. At the bottom of the column, I add formulas to calculate the number of stitches added that day, the total number of stitches added to the project, the percentage of the page completed, the percentage of the chart completed, and the average number of stitches added per hour. After I stitch each day, I copy the information from the day before and update the number of stitches remaining in the grids I worked on that day. Setting the spreadsheet up takes some time, but the daily updates take about 5 minutes. Seeing the numbers progress keeps me motivated, so it is worth the time to me. :)

I do hope you will visit the others that are participating in this Stitch Along (SAL.) Links to their blogs are below. I want to welcome Sharon, our newest SAL member! 

Scattered across the globe, we are in different time zones. If you do not see an update, please check back later. 

About this SAL:
We simply work on one project and share updates on that project every 3 weeks. If you are interested in joining, please contact Avis.

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SK Effects of Caffeine - SAL Update 3