#1000AbChallenge: The Hardest Challenge Yet?!

Hey guys!

Remember when you asked for more challenges after we finished the #21DayTone? Well… your wish is my command 😉.

Starting March 1st, we’re doing a #1000AbChallenge. AHHH!

And guys, this is gonna be a good one. You blew my expectations during the last challenge, so I had to make this one extra interesting.

Funny story. When I first planned this challenge I was like, uhhh am I ready for this?! But then I remembered we’re doing this TOGETHER, and that motivates me like nothing else. So before you look at this challenge and doubt yourself, know this: Yes, this challenge is tough. But you’re TOUGHER.

Okay. Are you ready to see the plan?! YESSSS!

Here’s Your #1000AbChallenge 🔥

The Details

We’ll start Day 1 with 100 crunches. Cute, right? Don’t get too comfy, though! We’re gonna start climbing on Day 2 with 100 crunches AND 100 sit-ups. Day 3 repeats the crunches and the sit-ups, plus 100 reps of ANOTHER new move. Annnnd you’ll keep going in that pattern for 10 days.

Here are all of the moves we’ll be doing:

1. Crunches

2. Sit Ups

3. Single Leg Drop

4. Wiggles

5. Toe Touches

6. Butt Ups

7. Low Helicopters

8. Hip Twists

9. Side Plank Dippers

10. Criss Crosses

Yep, we’re hitting allllll of the abdominal muscles!

blogilates 1000 ab challenge march 2021 graphic

Save this graphic so you can keep track! The video for Day 1 will be on YouTube, but the videos for Days 2 – 10 will ONLY be in the BodyByBlogilates appDon’t worry though, it’s all free!!

Oh and yes, you’re doing the math right. That means we’ll have ONE THOUSAND reps on the 10th Day. AHHHH!

I know you’re probably over there like, “CASSEY. You can’t be serious.”

But you know I’d never play about a challenge! Over the next 10 days, our abs are under serious construction.  This is without a doubt our HARDEST CHALLENGE YET! So commit now to giving it everything you’ve got.

And if you still need a little push, think about how you CRUSHED #21DayTone. I mean, you kind of made it look easy. I know you can do this!

Okay… Let me know YOU’RE IN in the comments!!!  Ahhh I can feel my abs burning already!!

Source: blogilates.com

#1000AbChallenge: The Hardest Challenge Yet?!