Embracing the New Normal

As we are all adjusting to the new normal of organizing our lives and conducting our businesses, I’ve had the opportunity to brainstorm with many of our clients as to ways of best utilizing our time. Here are the top 15 ways:

  1. Reaching out to clients and offering our help
  2. Creating exciting new content in a variety of media formats
  3. Creating online courses
  4. Brainstorming with trusted advisors to identify new ways of innovation
  5. Submitting content to be published through various publications
  6. Participating in Zoom calls to learn, share and expand our knowledge  
  7. Taking on new learning
  8. Strengthening relationships through virtual connections
  9. Spending quality time with isolated family members
  10. Improving our health, fitness and our mind
  11. Organizing our physical and digital space
  12. Volunteering and taking on important causes
  13. Exploring nature and the outdoors safely
  14. Realizing that some aspects of this new normal will become our usual normal
  15. Preparing for the recovery

Although I long to quickly return to the world and the life I was accustomed to prior to this crisis, I also realize that this experience has provided me the opportunity to view life, business, family, and what is truly important and meaningful, in different ways and with greater appreciation.

I am convinced that we will uncover the good from this crisis and make our world a better place.   

Let us embrace the new normal and challenge ourselves to innovate to make it become our better normal.

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Embracing the New Normal