Pantone Spring 2020 Fashion Colors Flame Scarlet and Saffron

It seems to be taking me longer than usual to finally mix up these new Pantone colors.  I am quite sure it is due to all of the distractions lately regarding the Coronavirus.  It is rather unsettling and probably even more so if you have a large family or kids at home.  So I am sure many of you are waiting for the clay recipes for the new Pantone spring colors so you can preoccupy yourself and create something new.   I have to say though I am finding the spring colors not so inspiring -- at least not compared to past seasons.  I actually find some of them rather boring and a repeat of other years -- just in a different combination.

So I thought I would start off with 2 of the brighter colors.  Flame Scarlet and Saffron.

I noticed that the color Saffron is so similar to last years spring color, Mango Mojito, that I decided it was hardly worth tweaking a recipe that really didn't need it.  So in mixing up the polymer clay, just stick with the mango mojito color and you won't go wrong.  You will find the clay recipe in a previous post here (or click on the link in the recipe below).

In the meantime, here are the recipes using Kato clay:

Flame Scarlet
1 part Kato Red
1 part Kato Orange

Mango Mojito (Spring 2019)

For some of you who are not familiar with my clay recipes, these are all mixed up using the Kato clay which comes in the true artist colors.  I created my Clay Color System many years ago and then published it to share with others in 2011.  It is a method for not only mixing up clay colors but also a whole way of organizing and learning how to create various blends and color groupings.

I keep getting asked if I still organize my colors in a photo album.  I quite liked this system but since I keep adding so many new recipes I have since expanded into a "recipe box" which is actually a small drawer organizer on my clay mixing table.  I wanted to share this with you to see in case you like that idea more.

I am also wondering how many of you out there are still using Kato clay and really look forward to these new color recipes?  I am interested in any feedback and please leave a comment telling me what you do use or switched to and if you would like to see these recipes in another clay brand.
Source: 2goodclaymates

Pantone Spring 2020 Fashion Colors Flame Scarlet and Saffron