Feather your Nest Friday, 4th December. 2020.

 It was a lovely week!  We were blessed with mild weather and I was able to stay home mostly and just get things done.  This includes most of my Christmas wrapping  and my tree is up!  I feel I got a little ahead and was able to do some sewing in the afternoons.  It was so nice!

My first Lilies are out.  Wendy gave me bulbs and I have so many buds and the first few out.

Because of the sudden lockdown recently I got busy making more masks to top up my supply. 

Later I packaged them up in cellophane bags.

I made a baking dish Christmas cake which was my usual recipe doubled. This was inspired by Stephanie in The Tuesday Afternoon Club who instead of making lots of small cakes she makes a huge one and slices it into smaller ones.   

I will have to show how this worked out next week as I am still working on them but I got nine small cakes.  They will all be gifts.   The recipe is back on the old blog Christmas Cake.  I have been making this for years and years. 

I also made Coffee Liqueur.  Some is still maturing and I will bottle it up for more gifts.

Another project took a long time!  I had some Fiddle Leaf Fig trees that outgrew the house then out grew the patio.  I read that you can propagate them.  I took to them and cut them up and left long stems in water for a few months.  Sure enough they grew roots.  Now I have a dozen new plants!   This is one in its new pot...

These are ridiculously expensive in nurseries and florists.  And all you need is a cutting!  I have enough I can pot some up as gifts also.

My kitchen has been scented with roses drying and rose petals in a bowl.  Even faded and drying they are still beautiful.

I have to say this week went well and I am using Laine's methods of setting a timer,  going fast and aiming to get on to other things I have been wanting to do.   This has worked and I got many more hours to sew and create.  Also a cooler week makes the garden work quicker and easier.  So I took full advantage of that.  

This week I made a batch of yoghurt.  I submerged chicken pies in it for the day then in the evening I took each bit out and dunked it into gluten free bread crumbs.  Into the air frier they went. This is the simplest thing and is beautiful every time! 

I made two chocolate cakes.  One of those went to Chloe and Luke to help with work lunches.

In the garden I added some Potash and planted another 12 tomato plants.  My first tomato plants have lots of tomatoes but still green. It won't be long!

We have new covid rules.  There is a lot going on everywhere I look.  I mean world wide not just our state.  It seems to me like a straight out battle of good vs evil.   I personally have never known so many stories of hardship and worry.  This week I have done better than usual.  We can be busy and watchful and pray at the same time.  I sing a lot.  I cannot sing to save myself but I don't care.  I sing to the dog and the cows and the lambs.  I sing stupid words to tunes I know because I forget how it really goes.  

We can have joy in our hearts and we know how things turn out in the end!  And it is Christmas.  We can make some Christmas miracles happen and enjoy the planning!   

How did you build up your home this week?  I love to hear.  xxx

Feather your Nest Friday, 4th December. 2020.