Faceplategate Continues as CMP Shells Reveals New Colors

Sony's continued efforts to stamp out the activities of third party PS5 faceplate brand, CMP Shells, don't appear to be working very well... at least, not if CMP's Twitter profile is to be believed.

CMP Shells Shares New PS5 Faceplate Colorways

In a series of tweets, CMP Shells, the company that rose from the ashes after a Sony ban, has shared a selection of new colors that its unofficial PS5 shells come in.

In the Tweet above, you're seeing the new red and blue shells for both editions of the PS5 and the associated DualSense control pad. These are both colors that CMP Shells has added to its range since it came back to life in early January 2020.

Can CMP Shells Get Away With Selling Unofficial PS5 Faceplates?

It would seem that CMP Shells is getting somewhat of a kick out of goading Sony. It has already stated that its new design, third-party, PlayStation 5 shells (which are basically just faceplates but with an unfamiliar name... ) are "legally untouchable".

So, according to CMP Shells, yes, it can get away with selling these PS5 covers. How? Well, it is arguing that the shells are a unique design and are actually an improvement thanks to better ventilation.

We'll see how that argument pans out when Sony forces it to end production. Again.

Exercise Caution if You Order a CMP Shell

We've said this before and we'll say it again; the precarious nature of this particular third-party faceplate means you should be careful if you plan to buy one.

There is no guarantee that Sony won't counter CMP's argument and fan the legal flames if need be. If it does, then you might be stuck without your money or new shells as production grinds to a halt in legal limbo.

If you have just upgraded to the PS5, then rather than fussing about the color, there are much more important activities to be getting on with, like setting the device up properly or, you know, playing games on it.

Source: makeuseof.com

Faceplategate Continues as CMP Shells Reveals New Colors