Sunday Funday: Jussie Smollet Is Everywhere Edition

protect our schools

Suddenly from almost nowhere Jussie Smollet is everywhere as corporate media everywhere, especially Fox News(?) does all it can to divert attention from all the real news of things like the coming climate disaster, the findings that our current president is the poster child for corruption and a Kremlin employee, and the war on our children that goes on by the minute.

Fortunately for the corporate media, the Oscars are here just in time to lift the burden of filling 24 hours a day with Jussie Smollet. For at least a week there won’t be an extra moment to fit in real news. Something will come along to fill the hole once again by that time.

Oy Vey can it get much worse? Why yes it can!

  1. One story that Fox is diverting from is that of Christopher Paul Hasson, would be right wing assassin. What branch of the government does Hasson work for?
  1. Hasson had a long list of targets. Included were many cable news hosts from what cable station?
  1. William Barr is now the US Attorney General. Where has acting AG, Iowa’s own Matt Whitaker, landed?
  1. Another teacher’s strike kicked off in Oakland, Ca. Thursday. What state ended a teacher’s strike quickly when lawmakers dropped a bill to tie teachers pay to funding charter schools?
  1. Funny! What dirty trickster posted a picture of the judge in his case with crosshairs near the judge’s head?
  1. Freedom Summer (1964) became a huge event in civil rights history. The goal of Freedom summer was to register African-American voters in what state?
  1. Stating “I have nothing to apologize for” what Iowa congress member announce Thursday he was ready to run again in 2020?
  1. What TV fan is totally POed at Saturday Night Live? He called it a “totally Republican hit job” and “this is the real Collusion!”
  1. “it is “better” for children in Kentucky to have a border wall than it is for them to have new schools.” Thus stated what top Republican senator?
  1. Members of the US House this coming Tuesday will vote on a bill to rescind what order of Dear Leader?
  1. What two of the world’s top Dear Leaders will be meeting in Hanoi next week?
  1. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was a letter written by what civil rights leader during his incarceration in April of 1963?
  1. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, students across Europe are staging school walkouts to protest what?
  1. Iowa Republican legislators are restarting the process to put gun rights amendment in the constitution after whose clerical error stopped the process?
  1. Andrew McCabe, former interim head of the FBI, had a book published this week concerning the current administration with what title?
  1. The current administration is rushing to sell nuclear power plants to what country, despite that country having huge sunlight for renewable energy?
  1. In the North Carolina 9th congressional election hearing, what surprise witness debunked the story by the Mark Harris campaign that they had no idea McCrae Dowless was involved in election theft?
  1. A small town editor in Alabama called for the return of what organization to battle Democrats in DC?
  1. Following his declaration of a National Emergency, Dear Leader’s first action to attend to this Emergency was to do what?
  1. Iowa’s governor surprised most everyone when she declined to have the state appeal a ruling on what abortion related bill?

Peter Tork died Thursday. And so another stepping stone in my (and millions of others) path to adulthood fades away. Whatever else you thought of The Monkees, their music was good. Thank you, Peter, for what you gave to us.


  1. The Coast Guard
  1. MSNBC
  1. Still in the DOJ as a senior counselor in the office that oversees civil litigation, including civil rights, anti-trust and environmental cases. (What a joke)
  1. West Virginia
  1. Roger Stone – the judge was not amused
  1. Mississippi
  1. Steve King
  1. Dear Leader – he is not amused. The TV can be turned off, you know that?
  1. Lindsey Graham
  1. The National Emergency
  1. Our Dear Leader and North Korea’s Dear Leader. Isn’t Hanoi associated with treason in American history?
  1. Martin Luther King
  1. Climate change
  1. Iowa SoS, Paul Pace
  1. “The Threat”
  1. Saudi Arabia – I think you know why
  1. Harris’s son John Harris
  1. The Ku Klux Klan
  1. Go on a long golfing weekend at Mar-a-Lago
  1. The fetal heartbeat bill.

Thursday it snowed in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. So how soon before we hear from the “what Climate Change” crowd?


Sunday Funday: Jussie Smollet Is Everywhere Edition