Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

People who know me well know I love to give and gift to others. I love helping with practical needs, such as groceries, and my husband and I prioritize a portion of our money to go towards doing so. What people don’t often know, is that many years ago, WE were the recipients of groceries and help from others. It’s a time in my life I refer to as our “poor days.” Surprisingly, I look back at that time with fondness. Was it hard? Yes. But it was in that time that we found out that people cared about us, we were greater than our circumstances, and that hard times can fall on anyone.  My love for helping people in this way stems from being on the receiving end at one point in our lives.


I am so excited to help Shannon and her family find some well-deserving families to help out with their Thanksgiving turkey this year. Shannon, her husband, Luke, and their six children live on their farm in Washoe Valley called the Blustery Bovine. They have been raising these organic pasture raised turkeys with love and care. They will be butchered right before Thanksgiving, and won’t even need to be frozen!


Here’s the deal. Shannon and Luke are looking for YOU to nominate some well-deserving local families (Reno, Sparks, Carson City) who have had a hard year either medically, financially, or emotionally, so that they can bless them with an organic pasture-raised turkey straight from their farm. Ready to do your part in helping the families of our area? If you know of a family that might be the perfect recipient for this, you can email Shannon directly at:, or you can message the Reno Moms Blog Facebook page and we will pass the messages onto her. They will pick recipients from your nominations!

They have the cutest little farm and farm store, and I definitely need to find a time to check it out. Besides turkeys, they raise and sell chickens, cows, and pigs! Check them out, think about a family in need, and send Shannon (or us) a note!       


Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway