Misty Thompson


Misty Dawn Thompson, age 15, was last seen in Woodland, Washington on August 19, 1993.

Misty was living in a foster home at the time of her disappearance, and the home was reportedly troubled.

An adult son in law of the foster parents had a history of sexual improprieties with the foster daughters in the home, and was said to have been spending time with Misty.

The case worker asked the son-in-law, a Mexican national who was about to be deported, to leave the residence.

Misty left the home around the same time that the son-in-law left, and it is presumed that he took her.

According to her foster mother, Misty called her several days after she left, but would not reveal her location.  This has never been confirmed.

Her foster mother also claimed that she received a call from a U.S. government official in Mexico, informing her that Misty had died.  Again, this has never been confirmed.

The foster family’s license was eventually revoked due to inappropriate relationships involving the children.

Misty’s cousin, who lives in the southern United States, wants to know what happened to Misty.  She claims that Misty’s family was not notified of her disappearance until authorities were looking to obtain DNA, and had been told by the case worker that Misty was doing fine and was preparing to attend college.

According to this cousin, she has learned that her suspected companion had ties to a trafficking ring. And she believes Misty gave birth to a child fathered by him.

In more recent years, Misty’s case has received a second look.  Authorities have located the person of interest, and have involved Interpol in their efforts to obtain information from him.

This leads me to believe that they suspect Misty was taken to Mexico.  I hope she is still alive and well.  It’s certainly possible.


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Misty Thompson