8 Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants to Receive for Father’s Day

It’s pretty amazing that Father’s Day falls on the same date every year and we still can’t remember it. Up there with the most regularly forgotten gifting days every year, Father’s Day is a big trap. Of course, your dad says he doesn’t need or want anything. He’s lying. He thinks you’re going to forget it again this year, too. You’re not though, and most surprising of all, you’re going to get him a gift he’ll actually like.

There’s another trap on Father’s Day, too. The wealth of go-to, stereotypical presents that we’ve been taught dads love but which end up accruing dust in a cupboard with all of the other forgotten, I’ll-use-it-one-day presents. In 2021, there’s a wealth of fire gifts for dads out there, you just have to uncover them.

This year, we’re looking to names like GilletteLabs, Tekla, and Dries Van Noten to raise the bar for Father’s Day. The key is to keep things within the comfort zone while pushing the boundaries with luxury and cutting-edge design.

In the past, you might have actually bought your dad a professional shave, but GilletteLabs’ Heated Razor means he can do it all himself. Designed to feel like a hot-towel shave, the GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit is an everyday luxury he deserves.

Dads love a holiday shirt, don’t they? They’re usually pretty awful, too, so this year push him in the right direction with this Vilebrequin x Highsnobiety number.

It’s the archetypal dad sneaker, so why is it that you actually rarely ever see any dads wearing it these days? Freshen up your pa’s rotation.

This pair of Church’s Fisherman Sandals is a welcome change to the battered camping sandals he’s been wearing for the last decade. Better still, all dads can appreciate fine leather.

He does a lot for you, and he deserves to take the weight off from time to time. When he does, make sure he’s prepped out with this classic Tekla robe.

And he might want to have this elegant Richard Brendon decanter nearby. Top tip: fill it with his favorite tipple before you present it.

Why is it that dads absolutely love a high-quality belt? When does that become an obsession? Whatever the answer is, quench the desire with the help of Tiger of Sweden.

Efficiency is the name of the game for parents, especially dads. If they can carry all their important things in one, hands-free pocket around the neck, then they’ll jump at the chance. This Dries Van Noten cardholder and phone case ticks every box.

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8 Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants to Receive for Father’s Day