Studio, so glad to be back!

5 years ago? My adult son moved to a good sized room downstairs due to his nightshift life. That moved a bunch of stuff upstairs. He spread into my laundry room, and family room.  Anyway it drove me nuts to trip over things and the mess was depressing me. YES he found an apartment to share in Asheville! Has moved out and his old room is now sewing/ carding / storage. My Laundry/ dye area is back to normal. Family room now resembles a Family room. So many projects in my head I don’t know where to start!

For Weaving: First is getting a double weave project on my Louet. Has been all wound waiting to be put on the loom for a long time now. IF it works I will post progress photos. This is destined to be dyed after it is woven.

2nd finish towels and cat rugs on the looms . The cat rugs are already Prefurred. Thought it was my tuxedo sleeping on them turns out it was my helper cat Cattrina. She liked swatting at my head on that loom. lol

In the planning stages; large sized coverlet type on the AVL. If it irritates my shoulder again, I may sell the AVL. Once the towels are finished, I am trying to figure out and weave material something like a Lizard I saw on a TV nature show, His Fan is pretty majestic. Inspiration comes from different sources…. Sitting in church years ago I was doing a fabric analysis on a Ladies coat in front of me, heard very little of the sermon. LOL

On the dye front I have a lace shawl that I spun and knitted that wants to be green. I have a lace material that is already to go into the dye pot for shibori type dyeing.

I have so many things that need sewing that I will get to eventually. Above is my last bracelet and earrings, My favorite is almost always the last one completed. LOL. I do need to redo the spider bracelet I lost…. Add that to the long list of beading projects.



Studio, so glad to be back!